Zombies are Coming for Your Wins in Rotten Slot

The first zombie movie came out in 1932, that’s just five years after the television was invented! Since then, we’ve got The Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, Train to Busan, Shaun of the Dead, and Dawn of the Dead. And that’s not even mentioning the TV shows like Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Tales of the Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: Dead City – seriously how many Walking Dead spinoffs are there? Well, now it’s time for something fresh!

Grab your preferred melee weapon and battle the dead for wins in Rotten slot from Hacksaw Gaming.

The horde is coming!

Much of Rotten slot’s action revolves around Switch symbols which can land in either the base game or the bonus games. Once one of the symbols does land, it will award a random number of respins. Before the reels land on each respin, between 1 and 10 symbols will be selected and highlighted above the reels. A red X will appear above all instances of those symbols during the respin. Once the reels stop, all of the symbols marked with a red X will be replaced by either the highest-paying symbol in the game or a wild symbol. At the end of your respins, the highlighted symbols will be reset.


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The appearance of three or more Mad Scientist symbols will trigger the Mad Scientist bonus game and award 10 free spins. During the Mad Scientist bonus game, your chance of grabbing Switch symbols will be increased. You also have the chance to grab Total Takeover free spins during the Mad Scientist bonus with the appearance of three or more Total Takeover symbols.

A round of 10 Total Takeover free spins is awarded with the appearance of three or more Total Takeover symbols on the reels. If you manage to grab an additional three Total Takeover symbols during your round of free spins, you’ll unlock an additional four Total Takeover free spins.

In addition to increasing your chance of grabbing Switch symbols, Total Takeover free spins will save highlighted symbols across Switch respins meaning that you can collect all possible symbols on the reels to grab a huge 6×6 winning combination!


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If you’re not keen on waiting around for the zombies to get you, you can select to purchase a round of the slot’s bonus features. The Rotten slot’s buy bonus feature is extensive. You can select to buy either a round of the slot’s Mad Scientist or Total Takeover bonus games. Alternatively, you can choose to activate the Bonus Hunt or Switch FeatureSpins features with both bump up the amount you bet per spin. The Bonus Hunt feature will increase your chances of unlocking the Mad Scientist or Total Takeover bonus games the old-fashioned way. The Switch Freespins feature will guarantee that a Switch symbol will land on each and every regular play spin (as in not a respin or free spin).

Is Rotten slot bitchin’ or boring?

Well, this one came out of nowhere. The graphics of Rotten slot are phenomenal. The dark horror-style illustrations are some of the best I have ever seen from a zombie-themed slot game and that’s by a wide margin. Hacksaw Gaming has been producing some incredible-looking slots over the last year, but this just might be its best yet. And it’s not like the bonus features let the slot down, either. The bonus features are extensive and interesting.

The high volatility in Rotten slot will mean that you’ll be hunting for big wins longer than you’d like without a consistent stream of smaller wins. However, the extensive buy bonus feature does mean that you can bypass the boredom which is great. Plus, if you chose to you’ll be taking a shot at an impressive 10,000x max multiplier. The slot has 96.27% RTP.

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