How to Bend the Rules in Blackjack and Win Like a Pro!

The reception we got from our poker rule bending post was off the charts, and we got a lot of requests for other games too. We love giving the readers exactly what they want, and the readers want to know how to bend the rules and win in blackjack. So, without further ado, let’s teach you how you can bend the rules of blackjack and end up winning more hands – some of these are a little risky!

Find Yourself a Terrible Dealer

You’re not going to find many bad dealers in live blackjack games here at BitStarz as they’re all given lengthy breaks in between shifts and they deal lots of different games too. However, when you go to a land-based casino, you can find the occasional dealer that’s looking tired and is getting sloppy. Either due to understaffing, lots of people calling in sick, too many nights partying that week or simply being a terrible dealer are all reasons a dealer can be sloppy. These dealers make for a frustrating and irritating game, but you can use their “skills” to your advantage. Often these sloppy dealers will draw cards in a way that you can often see the value of the card, a very helpful bit of info for blackjack. While this isn’t strictly cheating, if you get down too low to the table and it becomes obvious, you’re going to get hauled out of there.

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Take Your Time

This isn’t strictly a rule, but dealers will often rush you along and make you take your next move as fast as possible. This is down to two reasons. Reason one being that the more hands played per hour means more money for the casino. Secondly, it rushes you and you end up making poor decisions and potentially losing more hands. Instead, ignore the dealer as he cannot legally close your position and kick you off the table. Sure, you might get some nasty words thrown your way from other players, but if you need a minute to do some math or thing about your decision, take it. It’s your money, after all.

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You Don’t Need to Play Every Round

If you’ve had a few bad hands, don’t be afraid to take a short break from the game to gather yourself and get lady luck back on your side. Just because you’re sat at the table doesn’t mean you need to be dealt in. Simply stay in your seat, order another drink and watch the hand unfold. Be careful not to do this for too long, otherwise the dealer will ask you to leave the table so other players can take a seat. General etiquette allows you to skip two or three hands, but any more than that will result in you being moved on. So, feel free to conserve your bankroll and skip a few hands if you’re on a bad streak – especially if the shoe is about to change.

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So, if you bend these rules ever so slightly, you can gain a nice advantage and take the blackjack tables to the cleaners. Just be careful not to arouse too much suspicion otherwise you could end up with a temporary account freeze or you could get some questions from the pit boss just to make sure you’re not counting cards!