Why Trigger When you can Buy Bonus Features?

The creation of the buy bonus feature is most often attributed to Big Time Gaming. The slot provider first integrated the feature into their White Rabbit slot, which was released in October 2017. Today, the feature has been adopted by just about every major game provider and is quickly becoming a must for new slot tiles.

BitStarz has created a dedicated Buy Bonus Games page to assist you with exploring the full range of titles the casino has on offer.

What is a buy bonus feature?

At its most basic, a buy bonus feature allows you to bypass the pesky requirements of triggering a bonus feature organically for a fee. This gives you a shot at big winning opportunities, but it comes at significant risk as buy bonus prices typically start at around 50x your bet and can go as high as 2,000x your bet.


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Then there’s the volatility. The more expensive, and therefore riskier, bonus buy features will adjust a slot’s volatility making it less likely that you’ll hit smaller wins as you chase the big wins. This could leave you paying far more for a bonus round than you might otherwise get out. However, there is, of course, also huge potential upside.

Types of buy bonus features

Within the buy bonus feature mechanic, there are a number of variations. Some are small variations that give you a little control, while others offer a wide range of options to tailor-make your experience.

Standard buy bonus

This is as simple as it gets. You pay for a round of the slot’s bonus feature, and you get it. There are no options to change the bet amount within the feature, and there is only one bonus feature to choose from. It’s the buy bonus feature at its most basic. Examples of this type can be found in Candy Palace, Big Benji Bonanza, and 9 Burning Dragons.

Price adjustable buy bonus – most common

This is by far the most common buy bonus type. Once you select to buy a bonus, you’ll be given the option to adjust the bet amount and, in some instances, the number of paylines you’d like to have active during the bonus round. Examples of this type can be found in Professor Blank’s Combinator, Iggy Racing, and Book of Helios.


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Tailor-made buy bonus

If you really want to customize your buy bonus feature experience, this is the one for you. Once clicked, you’ll be able to specify the number of free spins you would like to receive and, in some instances, even the multiplier that you would like to be applied to your winnings. Examples of this type can be found in Cashpot kegs, Rich Granny, and Outlaws Inc. The Ankh Protector features a particularly extreme version of this that allows you to select the number of free spins you would like to receive up to 100 spins!

Multi-feature buy bonus

In many modern feature-rich slots, there is a wide range of bonus features that can be triggered. This type of buy bonus feature allows you to purchase any of the selection of bonus features the slot offers. Examples of this type can be found in The Rave, Tombstone R.I.P, Punk Toilet, and, well, basically any Nolimit City slot, to be honest.


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Random free spins

This is one of the rarer buy bonus features. It gives you a shot to purchase a randomized number of free spins. Generally, this takes the form of a jackpot wheel. Examples of this type can be found in Majestic King Sunset and Dark Wolf.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Many slot game providers create their own unique spin on the buy bonus mechanic. If you want to view our full range of bonus buy games, you can head over to Buy Bonus Games page to explore.