Land Extra-Terrestrial Wins in Milky Ways Slot!

Space is infinitely vast, meaning that isn’t very likely that we’re not alone in the universe. So, it’s time to stop living in the dark by exploring our own galaxy – the Milky Way. No, not the chocolate bar, but the huge galaxy that is home to thousands of planets and gas giants – surely we can find some form of life, or at least some big wins here!

Climb aboard the spaceship as we’re blasting off on a journey packed full of adventure in Milky Ways slot!

Mega Wins from Beyond the Stars!

The stars are huge, and this is great news for all of you looking for a big win. If the planet and space is bigger then surely there must be more potential for big wins. That’s exactly what you’re going to get as you spin the reels in Milk Ways slot. Featuring an RTP of 96.14%, this medium volatility game is truly one of a kind with its mega €226,500 max win. Featuring wilds and up to 3,125 ways to win, you’re set for an intergalactic experience as you spin these space reels!

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Free Spins are Better in the Vacuum of Space

There’s no oxygen in space, so hopefully you’ve got plenty stashed away in your bags to see you through this epic trip. In this vacuum, free spins are even more exciting, so it’s great that you have two ways to trigger free spins mode in Milky Ways. First up, you can land three scatters on the reels in the base game, giving you three spins with guaranteed wilds and 3,125 ways to win. Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait around, you can simply hit the Star button and buy the free spins bonus.

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On every spin you’ll have guaranteed wilds, simply meaning that you’ll definitely have at least one wild on every single spin. Then, if you land a winning combo, the symbols will lock in place and the reels will spin again, giving you a chance to score an even bigger win. Once you stop adding to the winning combos, the respins will end and the win will be totted up, with the next free spin then taking place – how epic is that?

Epic Action from a Legendary Game

Milky Ways slot is full of action, so if you’re after a big win then you really need to give these reels a spin. One player from BitStarz already bagged a cool 1,500x multiplier from Milky Ways slot, nabbing a total of $23,990 from a $16 spin!

If that sounds like the action for you, then head on over to Milky Ways and spin those reels.

Good luck, adventurer!