BitStarz Player Triggers 24,000x Jackpot on 40 Almighty Ramses II

For those of you that are relatively new to BitStarz, this is the home of big winners. The multipliers have been on fire for longer than we can remember and players have been bagging wins worth more than a million dollars since we opened our doors in 2014.

Joining the legendary BitStarz big winner hall of fame, one incredible player hit the jackpot on 40 Almighty Ramses II slot to take home a crazy win worth 449,468RUB (€4,955.83) which was a multiplier worth 24,973x – WOW.

Bagging Jackpots and Meeting Gods

If you’ve never been to Egypt, or learnt anything about Egypt, then there’s a good chance you won’t know who Ramesses II was and just how revered he was. Ramesses II, better known as Ramesses the Great, is the single most celebrated and most powerful pharaoh to rule the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. This was one guy you really didn’t want to upset as he had the power to crush you and your army.

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But, the reason he was so celebrated is because he was incredibly generous. He looked after his people very well, building cities, temples and conquered miles and miles of land for his people. As part of his generosity, Ramesses clearly dished out a ton of cash, and that kind feature of his is still working to this day, helping players bag a ton of cash from games using his name.

Queen of Hearts Jackpot is All Yours

After triggering the jackpot feature, the lucky player managed to pick up three queens of hearts, paying out the second biggest jackpot that 40 Almighty Ramses II has to offer. The player only had to draw five cards before completing this jackpot win, which is a record in itself. Two dancing promo girls stood at the side of the area reveal the cards quite nicely, certainly encouraging this lucky player to party the night away.


There’s no better feeling than winning big, especially when it comes from landing a jackpot. The BitStarz team would like to wish this incredible player a huge congratulations once more for pulling off this huge jackpot win.

For the rest of you out there, remember that the reels are still on fire and the multipliers on most of the games here at BitStarz are simply out of this world. We’ve seen a ton of huge multipliers over the past few days, so hopefully you’re next to trigger a big win…

Good luck!