Win on Wall Street in Fat Banker Slot

The markets are in the red, and Wall Street looks ready to release the sequel of the 2008 financial crisis. So, you’ll need the essentials. Some water, SpaghettiOs, and all the toilet paper you can get your hands on — when the world as we know it falls, the means to wipe your behind will be more valuable than gold.

If you’re a little short on your toilet paper buying power right now, invest in Fat Banker slot from Push Gaming, and you may just see some healthy returns.

Welcome to the roaring twenties

Fat Banker slot has a strange mix of 1920s architecture and flair with an 8-bit gaming aesthetic. It’s strange, but I definitely don’t hate it. In fact, it’s kinda great. Plus, the slot’s developers didn’t stop at just one location. During the slot’s base game and various bonus features, you are treated to three different locations that each offer a unique experience.


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Now the illustration for the slot’s symbols is a little basic, but that seems almost intentional. The art style seems to pay homage to 8-bit classics and gives me a bit of Wreck-It Ralph vibes. So, it looks great, but does it have the bonus features to back up the graphics?

This bank is ready for payday

During the base game, the Red Car feature can be triggered randomly during any spin. Once triggered the feature will throw either a Fat Banker, Wild Money Bag, or Bullion symbol onto the reels. There’s also a Gold Car feature that can be triggered randomly when there are no more spins available in the Fortune Link or Fat Banker free spins. I have no idea what the gold car does, though. I never managed to trigger it and the paytable is impressively vague about it.

The slot’s Fortune Link feature is triggered when the Silver Safe symbol lands in the hot spots on reel six and at least one Bullion symbol lands anywhere on reels one to five. Once you do manage to unlock it, the feature is basically just a standard hold and win feature. You are given two free spins that are reset anytime a new symbol appears on the reels. The symbols include cash prizes or multipliers. If you go two spins without adding a new symbol, the Fortune Link feature will be concluded, and any cash prizes will be awarded.


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Finally, we get to the Fat Banker free spins which are triggered when a Fat Bank symbol lands on the first reel with one or more Wild Money Bag symbols anywhere on the reels. Once triggered, you’ll get a first-class trip to the penthouse for a money-making session.

During Fat Banker free spins, the Fat Banker symbol will remain on the reels acting as a wild and scooping up Wild Money Bag symbols as they appear. For every four Money Bag symbols the banker gobbles up, the bigger he will get increasing the number of wild spots on the reels. At level six, the entire 6×6 slot will be wild!


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If you’re like a Wall Street banker and aren’t willing to wait for the cash to come to you, you can also select to do some insider trading with the Buy Feature option for a shot at some huge returns. But beware, this is a risky investment and the SEC could be knocking at your door.

Is Fat Banker slot a sound investment or a pyramid scheme?

Fat Banker slot is an interesting one. The graphics are compelling, and the bonus features are plentiful. However, those same bonus features are also overly complicated to trigger. But then the slot goes and offers a 25,000x max multiplier meaning that you can chase that €312,500 max win betting just €12.50 a spin. And sure, it has high volatility, but with the 96.43% RTP rating, it offers some good balance in its winning potential. There is so much to like about this slot but I am just not sure I do. Those are the facts, though. So, give it a go, and who knows, you may love it!

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