Win the Ultimate Tokyo 2020 Olympics Experience and €50,000!

Have your reel-spinning finger at the ready, as it’s time for our latest adventure promotion. Tokyo 2020 is just around the corner and we’re fitting to send you and a friend to the summer Olympics – the hottest sporting event of the year. We’re sparing no expense, as the lucky player will travel in style, complete with luxury accommodation in the heart of Japan’s most vibrant city. Did we mention that €50,000 is also up for grabs? Our latest promotion really does have it all.

Strap on your running shoes and head to the start line, as we’re loading our starter’s pistol, Japan Level Up Adventure starts right now – on your marks, get set. GO!

€50,000 for Every Player

While there can only be one winner, in true BitStarz style we’re giving every single player the chance to scoop up €50,000 in individual prize pools, with plenty of BitStarz merchandise also waiting to be won. Even if you’re not the first player to reach Level 40 and bag the ultimate Olympic adventure in Tokyo, you have more reason than ever before to push on and finish the race. Each time you complete a level, you will unlock a portion of your prize pool, giving you a much-needed energy boost to start the next level on the right foot.

Tips and Tricks Coming Your Way

Whether you’re a BitStarz veteran or just starting out, tips to help you speed through the levels will always be welcome. To make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition, make sure you stay tuned to the BitStarz blog where we will share epic tips and tricks to help you sprint through the Japan Level Up Adventure in record-setting fashion. We’ll also post any information about speed boosts here too, so make sure you keep checking back for our latest posts – you wouldn’t want to miss out on a speed boost, would you?

Ready. Set. GO!

The race has officially begun, and thousands of fellow players are now speeding towards Level 40 and the coveted all-action trip to Tokyo 2020. Don’t forget to check out the map so you don’t get lost along the way – who knows, maybe you’ll find a shortcut!


Taking part in the Japan Level Up Adventure couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is play your favorite games at BitStarz – we promise it’s that easy. Simply follow these steps to ensure you’re not missing out on any of the action:

Step 1 – Login (or register) at BitStarz.
Step 2 – Claim the super-generous Welcome Package if you haven’t already.
Step 3 – Play any game at BitStarz casino – don’t worry, we will automatically enter you into Japan Level Up Adventure so you won’t miss a second of the action.
Step 4 – Keep an eye on your progression bar to see how you’re doing and your current level.

Japan Level Up Adventure is Live!

The race to Tokyo 2020 is on in Japan Level Up Adventure is on, have you got what it takes to win it all? There is only one way to find out – see you at the finish line!