Wish for big wins in Genie’s Palace slot!

Have you heard that Arabian nights, like Arabian days, seem to excite, take off and take flight, to shock and amaze?! Be honest, you sang that last part in your head, right?

No, this is not a review of the 1992 Disney classic that was so brilliantly brought to life by Robin Williams. It’s a slightly off-brand version in the form of a slot. Not exactly an endorsement, we know. Stick with us, though because High 5 Games’s Genie’s Palace slot is a diamond in the rough.

So, rub the magic lamp, grab your magic carpet, and take a shot at the €150,000 lost treasure!

Is that a magic lamp or are you just happy to see me?

Can we all agree that Will Smith’s Genie from the 2019 live-action remake of Aladdin was terrible and frankly, a little frightening? Well, this off-brand take on the beloved Aladdin animation isn’t nearly as bad.



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The big blue guy in Genie’s Palace slot looks like Genie’s cool older brother. He’s suave, confident, and waiting to show you how close you are to the jackpot! He is, however, where the bulk of High Five’s attention was focused when they brought this slot to life. As a result, the background, although beautiful, is static and does not add much to the slot’s action.

The lackluster take on the animation, which extends onto the reels, could easily have hurt Genie’s Palace. Strangely enough though, it doesn’t. The graphics have a nostalgic quality that immediately reminded us of how much joy Aladin brought us as we took a journey around the world on a magic carpet ride.

Feel the phenomenal cosmic powers

Our genie is free and after 10,000 years in a lamp, boy does he have a crick in his neck. Despite his orthopedic issues, he’s ready to use his powers to grant you wishes. There are rules, though. So, you’ll need to pay attention.

In the Genie’s Palace slot base game, you’ll want to keep a lookout for the magic lamp. Like Aladdin before you, the lamp is your ticket to fulfilling all your wildest fantasies. You need to find all of it, though. If you get just one or even two of the three magic lamp train symbols, you’ll be outta luck!

On any spin that you do manage to grab all three symbols of the magic lamp and at least one precious gem wild symbol, the lamp will burst into life and move towards the wild symbols(s) and any gold coins. As it does, it will leave a trail of magic smoke that will transform any symbol it passes over wild!



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Once the magic lamp has snapped up all of the wild symbols and gold coins, the reels will be respun with the trail of magic wilds remaining to complete wins. If following the respin, the lamp is given more precious gem wilds or gold coins to snap up, it will do so and you’ll get another respin and another chance to win big!

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Stay with me here. If during a spin and its respins, your magic lamp grabs five or more precious gem wilds, you’ll unlock a round of six free spins. And this is where you’ll get a chance for wins worthy of a sultan.



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The lamp and its magic smoke will remain on the reels for the entire round of free spins. Plus, each precious gem wild it snaps up will give you an extra free spin in addition to growing its magic smoke tail! If you keep snapping up wilds, you’ll have a shot at the massive €150,000 jackpot!

Is Genie’s Palace a miracle or a mirage?

The problem with innovation is that you risk alienating a large portion of your audience that has no interest in learning something new. We fear that this is the case with High 5 Games’s Genie’s Palace slot. The slot’s bonus features are innovative. However, its attempts to explain how they work are not.

Despite this, we think the slot is a winner. The illustrations are nostalgic and remind us of the 1992 Disney classic, despite being a little rough around the edges. This combined with exciting bonus features, an impressively large jackpot, and a 96% RTP rating make Genie’s Palace slot one to look out for.

One small cautionary note, though. The slot is hamstrung with extreme volatility, one of only a handful of slots that are. As a result, you’ll need to watch your balance as you’re hunting for big wins.

Unsurprisingly, Genie’s Palace is not the only Aladdin-themed game in town. If you’re looking to enjoy a few more Arabian nights, you should give Arabian Tales, Genies Touch, and Sahara Nights a try.