You’re Askin’ for a Baskin With Big Cat Rescue Megaways Slot!

Lockdown was tough. And I was single. At least the pigeons on my porch were doing it. I didn’t think I’d ever have to live vicariously through worm-chuggers.

What got me through (apart from the oversexed birds) was Tiger King. When I thought I was going crazy, I ‘met’ the gun-toting, tiger-keeping, self-obsessed hillbilly who tried to take out a hit on arch-rival – Carole Fucking Baskin.

Joe is in jail. But the verdict is still out on how Baskin’s ex-husband miraculously dropped off the face of the earth. My guess is he’s tiger turd.

The Carole controversy is wild, but that didn’t stop Red Tiger from teaming up with Baskin to create Big Cat Rescue Megaways slot.

Crazy Carole dances her way into iGaming

This whole saga is as exhausting as Joe’s attempts at parole. Come now. We’ve long moved on. And so has Carole.

She took her husband-murdering ass off to Dancing with the Stars to samba as Simba. And then went on to work with Red Tiger Gaming to create this slot, where she is a ‘saint’ and where proceeds go to her non-profit organization.

I totally see the philanthropic link between Red Tiger Gaming and tigers… But Carole’s cause? Really? People hate this chick, and there’s enough hullabaloo around her as it is.

I am scratching my head, but this isn’t the provider’s first flamenco with Tiger King. They previously released a Joe Exotic slot (which doesn’t paint him in the best light). Talk about blatant bias. Oy vey.


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You’re askin’ for a Baskin with this one

I’m still shook at the audacity of this high volatility slot. But I need to namaste and remember that it is in the name of animal rights and awareness. And for that, I respect it, despite the involvement of Carole, the “my husband fled to Costa Rica” culprit.

If you want to help the tigers and get your hands on a maximum of €100,000, then this is your chance!

The hissing harmony that is Big Cat Rescue Megaways slot is packed with roaring features that include Free Spins, Stacked Wild Multipliers, and up to 117,649 ways to win.


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Tussle with the ultimate tigress for wins

There’s no doubting Carole’s love for big cats… She even dresses like them.

She is clearly the coolest cat and kitten, and landing 3 Baskin symbols will take you to tiger territory, where you’ll spin the wheel to determine the number of free spins and multipliers you’ll be awarded in the bonus game.

Contending with Carole is the Big Cat Rescue Wilds. These beauties are Mega Wilds that cover the reels and can have multipliers of up to x7 added to them.

Whether you get to tussle with the white tiger or the wannabe tiger in this 95.71% RTP slot, the success (or revenge) could be totally sweet.


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Tampa is where the action is at!

The person who did my head in, in 2020 was this loon. And she’s at it again in 2022.

But… the tigers. It’s for the tigers. And that’s why you should play Big Cat Rescue Megaways slot at BitStarz today!

The soundtrack is bizarre, we’ve all seen her rescue, it isn’t in the middle of the jungle with butterflies and waterfalls. But the rest is pretty on point.

Phew glad that’s over. I think I’ve been cool, calm, and collected with Carole. But Doc Antle – you don’t stand a chance, buddy. I’m ready for your roast, so come at me.