Welcome to BitStarz, TrueLab

We’re closing in on our 5,000-game mark and TrueLab is helping us get that much closer. That’s right, BitStarz is welcoming a new member to the family. This agile young company was founded in 2019 in Malta, a small pin-prick of a country off the coast of Italy. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, the game provider has hit the ground running with some fantastic slots.

To introduce TrueLab to the BitStarz faithful, we’ve added 12 of the company’s most iconic slots to the casino. Below is a look at a few of my favorites from the initial release of 12 games. Rest assured that this is only the start. More TrueLab games are coming soon.

Guns, Love & Therapy slot – 12,000x max multiplier

If Mad Max was set in the world of Cyber Punk 2077, then you’d probably get something like Guns, Love & Therapy slot. I’m not entirely sure how therapy fits into the narrative, but it makes for a striking name nonetheless. The graphics are appropriately dystopian, and the slot generally looks great.

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Very high volatility is never fun, especially when you’re low on ammo and about to enter the Thunderdome. To put it simply, you’ll have to have the balance to chase those extremely rare big wins. The slot has an RTP of 95.04%.

Siren Symphony slot – 30,000x max multiplier

This is a weird one. Although the Siren Symphony slot’s icon seems to lean pirate, the actual game graphics are thin on pirate references. In fact, the only reference to a pirate is in the bonus game. It’s really a slot focused on mermaids or, as they’re also known, sirens. And that’s great. We do not have a shortage of pirate-themed slots, but spooky mermaid slots are few and far between. The graphics really bring you down into the deep dark ocean and the sirens themselves are appropriately beautiful.


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If you do make the journey down deep, you’ll have to be aware that you won’t be able to count on small consistent wins thanks to the slot’s high volatility. However, the riches on the ocean floor are more than worth it thanks to the slot’s massive 30,000x max multiplier. The slot has an RTP of 96.13.

Micropirates & the Kraken of the Caribbean slot – 10,000x max multiplier

Yes, I know I just said we have enough pirate-themed slots but Micropirates & the Kraken of the Caribbean slot is something different. Firstly, how’s that name? My first question was, what’s a micropirate? Is it a small people pirate crew? Who knows? All I know is that was more than enough to get me in. Although the answers seemed to be just small images of pirates, the graphics and gameplay were more than engaging enough to retain me once they’d hooked me.


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The slot does have high volatility, which means you’ll need to load provisions aboard as you go looking for those royal treasure ships. Thankfully, with a max multiplier of 10,000x your bet, you can at least feel safe in the fact that no matter how small your bet is, there’ll still be plenty of treasure to go around. The slot has an RTP of 96.14.

Do you want some more?

The above games mentioned are just the tip of the TrueLab iceberg. If you’re looking for more, you can give Dr. Rock & the Riff Reactor, Wild Pumpkins, Viking Runes, Aloha: Fruit Bonanza, and Sunstrike Supernova a try. Alternatively, you can just head over to BitStarz’ TrueLab page to see the full selection of games available.