17,831x Rare Win: Ozwin’s Jackpots Slot Is Perfect for Low Bets!

BREAKING NEWS: You don’t have to bet big to win big.

We’ve always known this, but rumor has it that you should “go big or go home” when it comes to gambling. I’m here to show you that this isn’t true.

BitStarz recently had a lucky winner experience first-hand that low bets can result in big wins when they spun the reels of Ozwin’s Jackpots slot.

A little visit to this wizarding world earned them a fantastic 17,831x win, and they only bet €0.19. In the blink of an eye, €0.19 turned into €3,423.00. I call that a victory.

What’s the magic ingredient, you might ask? It’s the Multipliers and Jackpots this slot offers. I’ll take you through it, and I hope that by the time I’m done, you’d have found a new favorite – it’s really fun.

What’s with wizards and owls?

Wizards and owls always seem to make a great team. Just look at Harry and Hedwig. Funnily enough, owls aren’t considered the most magical animal – that spot is reserved for cats. Of course, it’s cats. They’re too smart for our own good.

This Yggdrasil title is about Ozwin the Owl and his nameless human apprentice. And together, they cast spells and dish out wondrous wins with the help of excellent game features. Namely, Jackpot Free Spins and a Spellbook Bonus Game.

There is no shortage of intriguing action in this slot. I had such fun playing it, and given the Rare Win scored here, BitStarz’s winner must’ve found it enchanting too.


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It’s all about the jackpots

With a name like Ozwin’s Jackpots slot, naturally, jackpots are a big deal – and there are many to win and many ways to win them.

The different jackpots you can win range from Novice, Apprentice, Mystic, Wizard, and Archmage – the biggest jackpot to hit.

To win one of them, you’ll need to collect Crystals in the main game and Orbs in the Free Spins game. Collecting 5 of the same Crystals or Orbs will award you the jackpot win relative to the jackpot meter you’ve filled.

The best part about this slot is that the Jackpot amounts are fixed, so it makes no difference if you bet low or high. It’s the perfect game for someone who prefers to play with low bets because the wins are the same – and can be big (as we’ve just seen).


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The features also pay out big numbers

Apart from hitting one of the Jackpots in this low volatility slot – the two bonus features can be lucrative too. The Jackpot Free Spins come with a 3x Multiplier and give you 10 games to use to both collect Orbs and collect cool wins from symbol combinations.

As for the second one, I won a ton in the Spellbook Bonus Game. It’s a pick’n reveal game where 18 spellbooks lie in wait for you to reveal the mystery cash prize behind them.

Once you hit the Spellbook with an occult-ish red circle around it, the Bonus Game ends, and you’ll be awarded the collective cash values you’ve discovered.


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Let’s get winning. What do you say?

I have to be honest, Ozwin’s Jackpots slot has never been on my radar – but it sure is now. I wish I’d played it sooner.

There are so many pros here… A great storyline, excellent features, and the chance to win big on low bets.

If I could change anything about it, it would be to include a Buy Bonus option to get us into the Bonus Games a bit quicker. This 96.7% RTP slot is a game of endurance and patience.

It does take a while to collect Jackpot Crystals and Orbs. But once you get them, then, oh boy, the wins will be worth it!