24,289x RARE WIN: A Small Bet and a Mental Win!

It might be a new month, but the string of big and rare wins at BitStarz is showing no signs of coming to an end. This latest win saw one luckily player turn just $1.7 into $41,689 playing Mental slot, the unhinged horror-themed game from Nolimit City.


A diamond among the insane

There are big wins, and then there are rare wins. Big wins don’t take into account the amount a player bets. Rare wins focus on small bets with huge wins. And that’s exactly what happened in the madhouse that is Mental slot.


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On the way to this rare win masterpiece, the lucky player scored a round of 11 Mental Free Spins, one of several different free spins rounds featured in Mental slot. During the round, the player hit four big wins including a massive $40,511 win on their third last spin. When all was said and done, they had managed to turn an amount that wouldn’t even pay for a cup of coffee into enough to buy a brand-new Tesla.

Welcome to the psych wing

Nolimit City generally lives up to its name. They seem to thrive on pushing the boundaries and creating slots that most other developers wouldn’t touch. If you’re not convinced, take a look at Punk Toilet and Tombstone R.I.P. These slots feel like they should come with a warning label.

Mental slot stays true to the Nolimit City tradition of pushing boundaries. In fact, I would say that Mental may just be the first true horror slot. Many providers claim to have horror slots, but they’re merely trading on horror tropes. In contrast, Mental slot is truly frightening.

The slot is set in a disused, and quite obviously haunted, mental hospital. The graphics feature images that look torn out of medical journals mixed with disturbing patient photos revealing the tortured souls that once roamed the now derelict facility.

A head full of voices

As much as Nolimit City is known for pushing boundaries, they are also known for producing slots that are absolutely packed with bonus features. And I’m not being hyperbolic here. In just the base game, the slot has four different bonus features. Then you get to the free spins features. That’s right, multiple features.

So, let’s do a quick breakdown, shall we?

Base game bonus features:

  • Fire Frames – Between one and thirteen frames will randomly burst into flames. Any symbol that lands on those frames will be split into two.
  • Dead Patient – Activated with the appearance of two Dead Patient symbols awarding an up to 9,999x multiplier.
  • Enhancer Cells – All the standard Nolimit City enhancers that you’ve come to know and love including xWays, xSplit and xNudge Wild symbols will appear on any random spin.
  • Mental Transform – Black widow spider symbols will turn into xWays, xSplit, Dead Patient, Wild, or Patient symbols.


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Free spins bonus features:

  • Autopsy Free Spins – Landing three scorpion symbols will unlock eight Autopsy Free Spins. Once unlocked, up to five frames will burst into flames and turn into sticky Fire Frames.
  • Lobotomy Free Spins – Unlocked with the appearance of three scorpion symbols and one spider symbol. Once unlocked, you’ll get one of the most complicated multiplier features I’ve ever seen. All you really need to know is that each patient symbol will get its own increasable multiplier. You also get Autopsy Free Spins features.
  • Mental Free Spins – Triggered with the appearance of three scorpion symbols and two spider symbols, Mental Free Spins turns both spider symbols sticky guaranteeing you two Mental Transformations with each spin. You also get Autopsy Free Spins and Lobotomy Free Spins features.

Think that’s it? It’s not! The slot also has a buy bonus feature. You can use it to buy either of the three free spins features. But beware. If you venture into the hospital, you have to make sure you balance the amount you spend with the potential for winnings, or you might not ever leave!

What is Mental slot’s prognosis?

This one is as mad as a hatter! Interesting tidbit, the phrase mad as a hatter is the result of mercury poisoning that plagued hat wearers at the turn of the 19th century. You see, Mercury was used in the manufacturing of hats because we hadn’t yet figured out the silvery liquid was poisonous.

Now that you’ve got your fact of the day, back to the slot. Mental slot is pretty great. If you like the horror genre, this one is most definitely for you. If you don’t, you should still give this one a try because of its 66,666x max multiplier. You might just be the next lucky player to hit a rare win.

If you’re looking for more great Nolimit City slots, I recommend you give Tombstone R.I.P, Punk Toilet, and Book of Shadows a try.