Here Is a Sneak Peak of the Action That Is on Its Way

We have another exciting new week in store for you, right here at BitStarz. There are some real doozies in terms of games on the way and if you are a fan of dragons, intergalactic travels and the most epic rap battle known to man, it’s all going down right here.

You will have to wait a tiny little bit before you can fill your pockets with gold and all the bling you deserve, but Nolimit City, Pragmatic Play and Relax Gaming have something special in store for you.

Here is a little sneak peak!

East Coast vs West Coast – Nolimit City

Release date: February 2

Attention all rappers! Your chance to get signed by a record label and make enough dough to hang with Snoop and the big boys has arrived. The world’s biggest rap battle makes the transition to the reels in the East Coast vs West Coast slot and it will bring us both monster tracks and monster wins!

Cruise the graffiti covered streets in your bouncing lowrider and get ready for action from all directions through an army of features. Even the free spins come in three different variations, including East Coast, West Coast and Coast to Coast. More money means more bling – go get it!

Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire – Pragmatic Play

Release date: February 4

Piles of cash is being kept in the hidden dragon’s lair but that’s not all. Stocking up on the magical dragon eggs will give you the multipliers needed to take your winnings to a whole new level in the thrilling new Dragon Kingdom: Eyes of Fire slot.

Some say fire breathing dragons are just fantasy but we can tell you that the progressive multiplier that rules the game and the payouts that come with it are as real as it gets. Do you dare to press spin?

Multiplier Odyssey – Relax Gaming

Release date: February 4

Escape earth and head into outer space, where the Multiplier Odyssey slot is offering a money-making change of scenery. You can never know what to expect once crossing the stratosphere but you can count on collector symbols and most of all, an extraordinary round of free spins.

Knock it out of the park with 10 active multipliers, extra lives and a ton of big wins. Did we mention the majestic super multiplier that will catapult you back to earth with a 50,000x multiplier win in your pocket!

Until then…

We can’t wait to start spinning these reels either but they are a couple of days away. Luckily you can stay busy winning through all our other games in the meantime. Just swing by our jam-packed game lobby and let the fun begin!