5 Hot Belatra Slots Coming Your Way

Belatra is next on the list amongst our great partners. If you are chasing fun slots and big wins, then how about taking a walk on the wild side with us and escape the rock, pick up some veggies, watch rabbit causing chaos, snatching money from trees and end up face to face with satan himself. There is money on the other side, so if you’re really up for an adventure, then let’s go!

An Escape from Alcatraz

Alcatraz, also known as The Rock, is one hell of a place if you think about. An isolated island, surrounded by shark infested waters with strong currents. Sounds like a great place for a prison if you ask us. Although it’s now a major tourist attraction, the stigma and history is still there. Al Capone was one of the prisoners that spend time there and as the story goes, he died broke. Luckily, we now have An Escape from Alcatraz slot that gives you the chance of making a whole bunch of coin! With the gamble option and a bonus game, there are plenty of opportunities up for grabs. The max coin win at a staggering 3,000,000 makes you think if it would have been worth doing a short stint next to Mr Capone.


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Green Grocery

When the world is taking major steps towards getting back to less processed food for a healthier society, the local produce guy around the corner is becoming more and more popular by the day. It’s a great place to get your fruit and veggies and get the latest update on the town gossip. The 5 Reels of Green Grocery slot filled with carrots, onions, cucumbers and pumpkins may not sound like too much fun but when you can turn these babies into a lot of cold hard cash, then vegetarianism here we come. The risk game, free spins, bonus games and the 800,000 max coin win are all great contributors to you coming home with bags filled with not just vegetables.


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The Smart Rabbit

Carrots are great for your eyesight. Really? Yes, have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses? We don’t know about you, but this is something we got to hear as kids and dumb or not, it was hard to refute. The Smart Rabbit slot is also a redundant title as all rabbits are smart according to us. Besides the mandatory Belatra gamble option, this slot has a very interesting bonus feature. Get 3 scatters on the reels in the base game and you are in for a scene very few people would be able to even think of. The farmer will smack the rabbit with his rake (you choose how hard) and shoot it across the garden. Watch it bounce around and collect prizes for you. If it ends up in the greenhouse, there is even more money to be made. We are not sure what to think about the creativity behind it but hey, we will definitely take the wins!


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The Elusive Gonzales

High Roller Alert! It’s not often we see games where you can bet 1,800 coins. Well, The Elusive Gonzales slot won’t hold you back if you’re up for it. The potential to make a whole bunch of pesetas leaves us going back to Gonzales for more. Would you be able to stay away from a max coin payout if 2,000,000? Explosive dynamite, sombreros, horses and bags of cash really pulls you into this world and when you also have the opportunity to try your luck on some extra fun bonus games, then we have a winner. We are not sure about you, but it’s not very common for us to hang in trees trying to catch bags of money bouncing around underneath, which made it extra fun to be able to do it in this game. If you manage to be as elusive as Gonzales, then you and your deep pockets are in for an early Christmas.


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Lucky Drink

We all know people that really shouldn’t drink. They can’t handle their liquor and they turn into real assholes. Well, perhaps this game is for them as the title might throw you off but Lucky Drink slot is all about seedy alley cats, over consumption of alcohol and much too close encounters with the devil himself. We know it doesn’t sound very appealing, but that was before we realised that these are just things we need to push through in order to get our hands on the glimmering loot on the other side. Score 5 solid beer barrels and you will buy rounds for everyone in the bar, considering the 1,500,000 coin payout! Having to face off with satan does no longer seem like a too steep of a price to pay, are we right?


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A Smorgasbord of Fun

This is a tasty smorgasbord of slots with wide spread themes. We love the variety and as long as the focus is to grab hands full of green then that’s all we need. The fun we had testing these slots will keep us smiling for a long time so if you are looking for a great time then start spinning, my man!