Lightning Roulette and Jade Valley Land Player $350,000 Payday!

Having one big win is something very special, but two big wins on separate games in the same day is out of this world. One super lucky player here at BitStarz won a whopping 61 BTC while playing the infamous Lightning Roulette. He then went on to clean out the brand-new slot Jade Valley, where he won another 38 BTC from a single spin – talk about lucky – all this totals up to more than $350,000 in real money wins!

February is Full of Winners

It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating another huge win. One lucky player scooped a cool $65,000 in a single spin on Fantasy Park Slot. February is well known for being the shortest month, but here at Bitstarz we now know it as the month of big payouts – two players alone managed to scoop over $415,000 between them.

New Slot Dishing Out the Cash

Towards the end of January, we saw another BitStarz exclusive game roll out – that game was Jade Valley. After only being live at the online casino world for one month, Jade Valley paid out our biggest BTC win ever recorded (38.48 BTC). This could mean that the other new slots are waiting to hand out huge stacks of cash, so make sure you get to know the latest slots at BitStarz!

Lightning Roulette Working its Magic

Don’t say we didn’t tell you – Lightning Roulette has the potential to dish out life changing wins. Packing a massive potential of a 500x win, we aren’t at all surprised that our lucky player scooped up a huge payday. By using a rather unique strategy, he managed to land win after win after win, quickly racking up a huge pot worth 61 BTC. If you play the table rights and pick the optimal bets, you can take home huge stacks of cash as well.

BitStarz is the online casino where dreams come true thanks to huge wins and epic promotions – so jump on into the action today!