$86,400 BIG WIN: BitStarz Crystals Slot Serves Up Explosive Win!

I love it when players win big. This is what we’re all here for, after all! To land whoppers that’ll change our lives or our wives… Each to their own.

A player scored $86,400 on BitStarz Crystals slot, an original game created and crafted to perfection that you can only play here (in case the name didn’t give it away).

It’s so awesome to see players enjoying and reaping the rewards of exclusive games because BitStarz has a bunch of them, and they are as good as any other!

Also, you know you’ve made it in the business when renowned providers want to work with your casino to launch games just for your players #LEGIT.

BitStarz Crystals is the bomb

This slot is one of my favorites. Belatra Games really did a super job on this one – and here’s why.

The theme is great and so fitting to BitStarz. I know this casino loves quirk and you can see that here. Just look at the miner. He’s an old, gray-bearded, toothless wonder, with a CrossFit body.

You’re never too old to be cool, right? And besides, how is he supposed to help dig up crystals for us with biceps the size of peanuts?

The graphics are next level, the gameplay is engaging, and the wins can be huge! It’s no wonder this player chose BitStarz Crystals slot to spin for wins on.


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Explosive boxes and VIP features

BitStarz Crystals slot has a high volatility, and a host of fantastic features that’ll help you strike it rich.

You can play in Normal Mode, or VIP Mode – Oh, I like the sound of that! VIP Mode will increase the potential to win bigger and trigger the Free Spins round. The cost of VIP Mode is 1.5x whatever your current bet is.

Next up, when you load the game up, the first thing you’ll see (apart from the hilarious miner) are big BitStarz boxes! When these mysterious dudes land on the screen, they blast open to add random symbols to the reels for a chance at creating winning combinations.


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Free games and crafted bonuses

For me, the most exciting part of this 90.39% RTP slot are the Free Spins. They’re dynamite! Let’s get into them. You’ll be awarded 10 Free Games if you land 4 or more BitStarz Star Scatters on the reels.

During each spin, Bomb Multipliers can appear on the reels, where all wins are multiplied by the number of multipliers that have dropped during the bonus game.

There is also a buy bonus option called the Craft Bonus, where you can choose what bonus you’d like to enter. The higher the purchase, the higher the probability of scoring big wins.


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Play for your own big win too!

BitStarz original and exclusive games totally have the power to payout, and this is exactly what one lucky player experienced just the other day. Spinning this well-executed slot landed them $86,400 – not bad for a day in the mines!

If BitStarz Crystals slot has piqued your interest, then you can also try their other exclusive games; King of BitStarz slot, BitStarz Billion slot, and 20 BitStarz slot.

I can’t wait to see you land yourself a whopper like this!