BitStarz Player lands a $85,942 big win on Dead or Alive!

If you’re in to old western movies, we’re sure you’ve heard of the popular movie with Clint Eastwood called “A fistful of Dollars”. Well, one of the players at BitStarz was playing Dead or Alive and managed to get a little more than that as he scooped up $85,942 in two spins!

As volatile as a raging bull

The Dead or Alive slot from NetEnt is quite notorious for a variety of reasons. First of all it’s one of the most volatile slots out there. So, what do we mean when we say “Volatile”? Well, it’s quite temperamental, meaning that it will either pay out a ton of cash or nothing what so ever.

Second thing that is worth mentioning is that the maximum bet on the game is quite low (18 dollars/euros), and we think it’s without a doubt linked to the volatility of the game. If the maximum bet was any higher than that, a massive amount of money could be won in a single spin, or lost if you were unlucky.

Therefore, the guys at NetEnt decided to make a slot machine that is designed for playing lower stakes and getting many spins, and still be able to scoop up some nice dinero despite just wagering small bets at a time. Some people have a tendency to like these type of games and some don’t, it’s just a very unique slot machine.

Not the first time it pays out big

As you might imagine, it’s not the first time this particular machine has paid out a big win at BitStarz as one player managed to land a $21,226 win on a single slow bet spin on the same game about a year ago.

We know what you’re thinking. Are we gonna have to play for a year in order to land a big win myself? No that doesn’t have to be the case of course. The player who just won the big win of $85,942 did indeed do so in two separate wins, less than an hour apart!

The first time, he managed to hit an epic multiplier of 3,639x the stake, and with just a 7 euro bet, you do the math. Less than an hour later, he decided to increase the bet a little, upon which he landed a 2,500x multiplier, so lightning can indeed strike twice in the same place!

There are a lot of similar games in the casino

If the cowboy theme isn’t really your thing, or the game is not available in your geo-location, there are some other games at BitStarz with the same type of quality as this particular slot.

If you want to stick to NetEnt and try a similar style, we do recommend having a few spins on The Wish Master, which is an Egyptian themed game that reminds us of the popular Disney movie Aladdin. Here you’re able to get some out of this world multipliers with a little big of luck from the magical genie.

If NetEnt isn’t really your thing, perhaps you’ve heard about the popular game provider called Amatic, which is famous for ONLY producing volatile slot machines, so any game in their range will be able to generate as rare but big wins as this one.

The games from Amatic are responsible for the majority of big wins in BitStarz history, with the most popular ones being Lucky Coin, Billyonaire and Eye of Ra.