Cast a Line and Reel in the Big Bucks With the Fishin’ Reels Slot

Fishermen bragging and heavily exaggerating the size of their catch is as normal as a fruit themed slot. Sure, we may be guilty of doing the same thing as kids but those days are over and you won’t have to lie either, since the size of your catch will be right there in black and white and in the shape of big win numbers!

The Fishin’ Reels slot is the perfect getaway from a stressful day at the office and nothing says relax like pop open a beer, casting a line and pulling up a sweet tasting €120,000 max win. Double up on the free spins with both Reel ‘em In or the Big Catch features and head to the fun mini game for even bigger fish.

As you can see, a day on the lake is just what you need so let’s head out and see what’s hiding below the surface!

Fun Loving Fish

These Pragmatic Play waters run 5 reels and 10 paylines deep and is known for being the number one fishing spot in town. Bright colored fish are all over the place and luckily they are from the fun loving kind and not a great white looking for something to munch on. It may seem a bit odd to find gold fish here in the wild but they do have the highest value so who are we to say no.


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Fishin’ isn’t supposed to be easy, which is why the Fishin’ Reels slot has a very high volatility, paired with a pretty good 96.50% RTP. If you could hook the €120,000 max win or any of the 1,200x multiplier, it will be a great day!

How to Get Free Spins on the Hook

In this game there are two free spins versions and they are both great. Depending on how many of the bonus symbols you land to trigger the feature, you will get 10, 12 or 15 free spins.

Then it’s time to make a choice:

Reel ‘Em In

In this version, the fish come bring cash values of up to 250x your bet. The fisherman is of course also involved and if you can land his symbol on reel number 5, you can reel in all the cash values on the screen. Nice!

Not only can the fish get you paid, they can also get you more free spins.

The Big Catch and Mini Game

Option number two will get you The Big Catch feature and this is your shot at the fun mini game. This time you want to look for the special symbol and land at least 3 of them. It will not only get you 2 additional free spins, you will also trigger a mini game.

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Your favorite fisherman is sitting in his boat and will drop a line with a hook. The fish will scramble for the goodies and one of them will be caught and pulled up to give you a nice cash prize!

Let’s Fish

If you enjoy fishing, the Fishin’ Reels slot is a must but even if you don’t, we are sure you enjoy money and you can get lots of it. With two types of free spins and the mini game, you are in for a great time. See you on the lake!