Celebrate with Krampus this Festive Season in Dark Summoning Slot

Krampus is the opposite of Father Christmas. While Santa Claus brings joy to Children, Krampus brings terror. It’s a tradition that began in Central Europe and involves a half-goat, half-demon monster that punishes misbehaving children. Basically, Father Christmas faxes over his naughty list to Krampus, and North Pole’s terror arm goes to work ensuring that kids don’t stay on the bad side of Saint Nick.

While all other slot providers release the cheery, festive Christmas-themed slots this December, Hacksaw Gaming appears to be celebrating Krampus instead with its new Dark Summoning slot.

Let the summoning begin

The slot has an interesting cascading reels feature that Hacksaw calls Super Cascade. With a traditional cascading reels feature, all symbols involved in a winning combination are removed, allowing new symbols to fall into the empty spots. Dark Summoning slot takes this a step further by removing all instances of the symbols involved in a winning combination regardless of whether or not they were involved in the winning combination.


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The slot features a red and a blue wild symbol. Both will act as traditional wild symbols substituting for all other symbols, except for scatter symbols, to complete winning combinations. The blue wild can appear in the base game and during the Rise of Salvation bonus game. The red wild will only appear in the Trial by Hellfire bonus game. Dark Summoning wilds will also come with multipliers from time to time that will boost your winnings. Wild multipliers can appear with values of 2x, 3, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 50x, or 100x.

When a blue Order cross symbol lands on the reels, it will replace itself plus one to nine other symbols on the reels with wild symbols, which may or may not appear with multipliers.

When three or more Unholy upside down cross symbols appear on the reels, a round of 10 Trail by Hellfire free spins will be triggered. During Trail by Hellfire gameplay, all winning positions are marked by Hellfire. When an Unholy symbol lands on the reels, it will activate the Fires of Hell sequence, which will transform the Unholy symbol and all symbols on positions marked with Hellfire into wild symbols. All Hellfire is then be removed from the reels.


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A round of the slot’s Rise to Salvation free spins is triggered with three Unholy symbols and an Order symbol that must be present when the final Unholy symbol is collected. During Rise to Salvation free spins, the symbol drop direction is reversed with the reels moving upwards. When a Lost Soul symbol appears on the reels it will become sticky, only moving up to fill an empty spot left by cascading reels. If a Lost Soul symbol reaches the top of the reels, it will ascend. Each Lost Soul symbol will, once it ascends, award either a global multiplier or a cash prize.

If you’re not keen on waiting around for lost souls to come knocking, you can select to purchase a round of either of the slot’s free spins rounds.

Is Dark Summoning slot the perfect Christmas escape?

Dark Summoning slot has medium to high volatility, which means that you’ll have some chance to score small, consistent wins, but the gameplay will lean more toward the rare, larger wins. The slot has a theme-appropriate maximum multiplier of 10,666x, which allows for winnings up to $213,320 when betting at the $20-a-spin maximum. The slot has an RTP of 96.35%.

In the kingdom of green and red, the black slot is king. I love a good Christmas slot, please don’t misunderstand me. But I hate Christmas slots that are lazy reskins. And I get it, it doesn’t make financial sense to work on a whole new slot just for Christmas. But then just don’t do it. What I’m getting at here is that I really respect Hacksaw for going with the dark horror-themed slot direction while most other slot providers are wrapping an old slot up in Christmas decorations. The Dark Summoning slot theme is beautifully executed with some fantastic graphics that are backed up by some really interesting and engaging bonus features. I give this one a 9.5 out of 10. Hacksaw is absolutely killing it right now!

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