Spin the Reels and Wheels in Age of Gods: Wheels of Olympus Slot

As players, we are always looking for fun new games to hit the market and preferably something different that breaks the pattern from the old classics. With that in mind, we believe we have found something special right here.

Age of the Gods: Wheels of Olympus slot comes flying out of the gate with reels and wheels ready to spin and eager to win.

Does up to 500 free spins, 4 progressive jackpots, featured bets and big cash prizes get your adrenaline pumping? We told you, Playtech’s latest release is a real doozy!

Triggers Your Curiosity

Set towards a spectacular Mount Olympus backdrop, the Gods sure seem to have it all figured out. As soon as you lay eyes on your screen, you can tell there’s something special brewing. The featured bet switch on your left and the 3 spinning wheels above immediately catch your attention, more so than the 5×4 reel setup. It definitely triggers your curiosity.

The table is set with olive plants, fruit bowls, gold crowns, cornucopias and Lady Fortuna herself as the highest valued symbol. As far as graphics go it gives off a nice vibe. Normally we’d say don’t have so much going on at the same time, but in this case it actually works. Nice one!


Play Now

For players who love big bets, you will be glad to know that the bet limit is a high €150. Even though the highest multiplier is a mere 1,429x, it still gives a €223,800 max win. The game has medium/high volatility and a 95.09% RTP.

Double Your Chances

We promised a lot of cool features so let’s start off with the easiest, the Feature Bet. On your left, you can see the big button with on/off. If you activate it, it will double your bet but it will also double your chances of triggering the Wheels of Olympus feature. We will gladly take those odds!

Time to Spin the Wheels

You can’t miss the 3 wheels sitting on top and what they represent. For you to get a shot at them, you need to know how to trigger them.

On every spin, a random amount of symbols can appear as gold. If at least 3 of them line up, you’ll get a ticket to the party.

Play Now

Known as the Wheels of Olympus, they all have different levels of treats and you can get to them by lining up the gold symbols (3=blue, 4=green, 5=red) or level up inside the wheel. This is what each wheel can get you:

  • Blue Wheel: 40x your bet cash, 5-8 free spins, 4-5 wilds added with a respin, 1 level up
  • Green Wheel: 80x your bet cash, 8-12 free spins, 5-6 wilds added with a respin, 1 level up
  • Red Wheel: 500x your bet cash, 12-50 free spins, 8-12 wilds added with a respin

How to Get Free Spins

When the needle lands on free spins, it’s time to roll. Depending on the color wheel you are on, as you can see on the info above, you can get as much as 50 free spins in one go. That’s a pretty nice chunk!

Those 50 are just an appetizer, amigo. Because the Wheels of Olympus are in full force during free spins, you have an opportunity to max them out and pocket as many as 500(!) free spins. Imagine the damage you could do with 500 free spins!

Bring On the Jackpots

Everything that we already have mentioned is more than enough for you to immediately head over to the game and press spin. However, let’s turn up the heat even more.

You’ll find as many as 4 jackpots up for grabs. These are activated completely at random on any given spin but the higher the bet, the better the chance of entering the jackpot game.

When you are actually in the jackpot game, you are guaranteed to go home with one of them. The game has a 4×5 grid filled with coins and the challenge is to find 3 of the same jackpot symbol.

The jackpots are called: Power, Extra Power, SuperPower and Ultimate Power. It’s a nice little bonus game with a guaranteed big payout and we really like it.

What’s the Verdict?

We hope the above can give you a feeling of how much fun the Age of Gods: Wheels of Olympus slot can be. Because of all the extras like the wheels, featured bet and the jackpot game, it’s clearly a must play game.

It feels like the game has a lot more going on than most and there’s something for everyone. We definitely recommend taking it for a ride and see where it takes you. Nice done, Playtech!