Do You See a Volcano in Hot Volcano Slot?

Whenever I go to a land-based casino with my grandmother (she isn’t quite sure how to power up a computer), I play the same game. It’s called “Wheel of Fortune”.

Don’t ask me why. There’s honestly nothing special about it, apart from its spinning wheel that could win you 1,000x your bet. It’s one of those classic slots that just refuses to line up for a payout.

It’s terrible for my OCD. But it was a challenge I’d accepted – until Hot Volcano slot came out. Now I get to experience all the same frustrations I had with Wheel of Fortune, at home. Yay.

Where’s the volcano?

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “Hot Volcano”? Normal people would think of fire, lava, even sushi rolls. But no… Evoplay thinks of pineapples. I give up.

The game is literally about fruits. No erupting volcanoes here. This also isn’t good for my OCD. Hence, it’s the worst possible game for me to play. But there’s just something about it.

The best is when you hit two symbols and the third lands just below the line. Like, why? Video slots don’t do this to me. It’s just cruel.

I can complain all day about these wretched 3-reel slots that have minds of their own (and go out of their way to mess with us)… But I’d be a hypocrite. Something keeps pulling me back to them.


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3-reel riches

I remember why I love these old-school dudes. It’s because when you win… You win big. They don’t play around with cents and pence. You can actually win substantial amounts each time you get a winning combination.

In Hot Volcano slot, you can win up to €304,875. But it could take time. You’ll even notice symbols that are not the same at all, work to get you a win. Yup, and we’re back to these games having a mind of their own.

Somehow, a Kiwi, a Fire Banana, and a Fire Fruit Bowl (mixed fruit) awarded me €1,000. Evoplay calls the Fruits on Fire feature “sort of volcanic”, and this is what adds zest to the game. They replace their regular versions of a symbol into a winning combo. This makes sense, I think.

Hell, as long as a win, I say.


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Flaming free spins

Given this takes the typical form of a classic slot, there is no Buy Bonus option. Only the hard work of landing 3 Free Spins symbols on your own. And it can be a grueling task in this medium to high volatility slot.

But if you’re lucky, you won’t have to wait as long as I did to hit the Free Spins round. I’m basically gray now.

But let me tell you… It was totally worth the wait. You’ll get 10 free games to use, with each win being multiplied by 3x. I won pretty big. So much so, that I forgot all about why this game makes me grind my teeth in annoyance.

This game can make the player more of a Hot Volcano than anything else – erupting in anger with the forever no win spins.


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Spin it Vegas style with Hot Volcano!

All differences aside, as well as the strange choice of name – Hot Volcano slot has this sense of appeal that makes us want to keep going back for more. I can’t explain it. It’s just facts.

I suppose I’m classic at heart. Or maybe it’s because this 3-reel monster is so different from video slots that we just can’t resist the cursed change of scenery.

Anyway, I love it. And with a 96.01% RTP – there’s no reason you won’t too. Just keep your personal anxieties in check before you try. Color code your closet first. Get that out of your system.