Chase for Glory Slot Is a Battle for Blood and Big Wins!

I am not big into gladiators, but I am into sexy, chiseled for the gods Romans – for what it’s worth. But there’s a new game out called Chase for Glory slot, and it’s something you’ve gotta see.

The bonus round is so different to what we’re used to. It’s a battle. A good battle, though. A battle that can pay out up to €331,254!

When I think of the word “gladiator” I think of Russell Crowe and Enrique Iglesias. Russel did the movie, but Enrique did the Pepsi ad.

And he did it with Britney Spears, who is so unhinged WTF. She was dancing around with knives on Insta the other day. Put down the knives, kids, and sharpen your swords instead!

Take your seat at the Colosseum

I went to the Colosseum last year and was expecting this insanely mesmerizing and awe-provoking ancient Wonder of the World, but it was being renovated. Renovating an ancient building? Is it still ancient then? Confused.

I was better off seeing it in this Pragmatic Play game, because they’ve embodied the whole “We are the champions” vibe so well.

Fully encompassing this era, the symbols you’ll play with include the whole gladiator get-up; swords, helmets, suits of armor, lions, fighting arenas, and of course, lots of gold.


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Choose your fighter

I literally just found out that ‘gladiators are men who fight to the death, for the enjoyment of others. I’ve never heard of a more selfless act in my life. Respect.

Take the stage for an epic free spins battle by landing 3 or more Scatters, or by using the Bonus Buy function, and watch as your screen transforms into 4 fighting fields in this 96% RTP slot.

But first, you’ll choose your champion from four gladiators, each offering a unique Free Spins package. Choose wisely because there are 4 battles to face for big wins here.


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Let the battle begin

Not only will your chosen gladiator unlock certain free spins rounds with certain multipliers, but the bonus game is packed with power in the form of other cool modifiers, too.

Coins, if you see them, are collected by the gladiator whose reel they land on, while landing a Reset symbol will reset the coin counter of the highest gladiator back to zero.

Here’s how we win the Free Spins; if your selected fighter has collected the most coins, then all the wins collected from all the other gladiators will be awarded to you.

So, you can expect pretty nice wins here if luck is on your side. Now might be a good time to mention that this game has a very high volatility.


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This slot is epic!

I always enjoy a slot game that offers unique gameplay, especially in the form of bonuses. However, I don’t enjoy it when they’re too complicated to understand how to play…

Chase for Glory slot probably does require a Rules read over before you take to the bonus battlefield, otherwise you could be sitting there dazed and confused like I was for a little. Or maybe I was just bewildered by how awesome the grid was.

Either way, if you’re an experienced player, or someone who doesn’t mind a good challenge, then this game should be a go!