CherryPop Deluxe Slot is a Comic Book Fever Dream

Have you ever wanted a slot that was vaguely comic book-themed, like it was designed by your aunt who only has a passing understanding of what comic books are? Well then CherryPop Deluxe slot from Avatar UK is for you.

It’s got random onomatopoeia (words that sound like the sound they’re describing when said), bright colors, and halftones that give it the printed look. Yes, it’s got it all in a more or less kinda way.

Pop goes the reels

The pop in the title refers to the slot’s party piece. Every symbol involved in a winning combination will pop and be replaced with two new symbols increasing the height of the reels. This will continue to occur until no winning combinations appear. In the base game, the max reel height is six symbols while during a round of free spins it can increase up to nine.


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To trigger a round of free spins, you will need to expand every reel in the base game to its six-symbol max height. Before you go on to play your round of free spins, you will be offered a shot at gambling your free spins. If you do choose to gamble and win, you’ll receive additional free spins and additional ways to win. If you lose, you’ll get nothing.

Once you have triggered the free spins feature you will receive between five and twelve free spins. Unlike in the base game, the expansion of the reels does not reset completely with each spin. Instead, the reels revert down to the same height as the current shortest reel.


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With the commencement of a round of free spins, all wins will receive a 2x multiplier. With consecutive pop wins, this multiplier will increase by 1x. If you unlock all expanded reels, this figure jumps to 4x per consecutive pop win.

If you’re not keen on waiting around for poppin’ good wins, you can select to purchase a round of free spins.

Is CherryPop Deluxe slot sweet or sour?

I am so conflicted with CherryPop Deluxe slot. The slot legitimately has a lot going for it. The bonus features and mechanics are all really interesting and 20,000x max-multiple offers some tantalizingly big wins.

Then we get to the graphics. It honestly looks like a Roy Lichtenstein (an American pop artist that was famous for using comic book aesthetics in his art) threw up all over this slot. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Into the Spider-Verse has only recently shown how the style can be impactful and memorable. The problem is that they’ve gone overboard with no real purpose behind a bunch of the graphics. Their aesthetic choice is delivered on a very surface level without thought or care.

That brings me to whether or not I recommend this slot. Despite the aesthetic upchuck that is the slot’s graphics, CherryPop Deluxe slot really did win me over. It’s a unique slot that has a unique appeal. It certainly won’t be for everyone, especially with that high volatility and uninspiring 96% RTP. However, for some of you beautiful people, it will resonate just like it did for me.

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