Claw out the Wins With Triple Tigers


Tigers are hugely symbolic creatures and hold particular significance in Indian, Chinese and Japanese culture where they are revered for their power, courage and hunting prowess. With Triple Tigers slot they could also turn out to be an incredibly lucky animal for you, helping you hunt down a nice win. With this guide, we will show you what you need to do to enable you to turn a few spins into that paw-fect win.

Finding the Scent

The best hunters know that the right conditions and timing are essential for success. With Triple Tigers you must first toggle your bet sizes to set the best conditions for a killer win. Here, there are two things that you need to toggle:

  • Coin Value – this refers to the monetary value of each coin. In this game, you can set it between $0.01 and $0.50.
  • Coins per Line – this one refers to the number of coins you want to bet per line. In this game, there is only one pay line. You can bet between one and ten coins.

If you set your coin value to $0.50, and decided to wager ten coins, your overall stake for the spin will cost $5.00.

Tripple Tigers slot

To win, you must land the same three symbols on the pay line. The grid is set up with three rows, and you will be seeing half symbols here. What matters is the middle line, and you must be able to land the symbols in perfect alignment. The game has no scatters and wild symbols, but it does yield a decent top prize.

Going for the Kill

The biggest prize in the slot game is the golden tiger – this bad boy offers $2,500 if you land it in succession on all three reels. However, you must also wager the maximum bet to get the maximum out of it. It will cost you $5 to bet the maximum, and yet the reward couldn’t be more satisfying – with a risk if $5 and an award of $2,500, that is equivalent to 500x your bet!

Alongside the big prize, you also have the option to go for the small kills. What this means is that you can adjust your bet size to a value that you can sustain for many hours. The prizes are smaller, but the stakes will allow you to stretch your bankroll. Even at the lowest bet of $0.01, you can still get a jackpot of $5, which is still 500x your wager! A nice bonus offered in the game is a combination of any BAR symbol which will award 10x your total stake.

Few Paylines, Many Rewards

Triple Tiger may not have the hundreds of paylines other games have, but as you can see, the rewards are still pretty good. A 500x multiplier is nothing to scoff at, and the added bonuses are certainly enough to earn this slot its BitStarz stripes!

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