Grab as Much Loot as Possible in Smugglers Cove Slot!

Just to be clear, when we say smugglers, we are not referring to budgie smugglers – Australian slang for snug fitting speedos. Pirates were legendary smugglers and we chuckle at the idea of swashbuckling pirates engaging in deadly sword fights across the Seven Seas, sporting their scariest Jolly Roger speedos.

With that said, we can only speculate on if there’s a hidden meaning behind the name Smugglers Cove slot. One thing we don’t need to speculate on is the size of the loot. Why? Because Pragmatic Play has buried a €400,000 max win in there somewhere and it’s yours to find!

Free spins, Ante Bet and overloaded with cash… this ship is ready to set sail!

These Pirates Are Starving for a Big Treasure

Patrol coastlines around the world and you are sure to come across a lot of hidden coves. In other words, perfect hiding spots for your loot. In the Smugglers Cove slot, the road to finding all the gold goes through 5×3 reels and 20 fixed paylines.

You’ll find yourself on a beach somewhere. It feels reminiscent of both Robinson Crusoe as well and Tom Hanks in Cast Away so perhaps we have seen this place before after all. From smooth shaven to ZZ-top style, these pirates are starving for a big treasure and it’s the green pirate that is worth the most.

There are wild doubloons and bonus skull symbols in place to add even more authenticity to the pirate theme. Keep an eye on the doubloons because you want as many of them as possible. More on that later.


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With a €400,000 max win on the line, it’s no wonder why the beach is surrounded with ships. We have to say the odds are in your favour as the game has high volatility and a 96.50% RTP. You can throw down as much as €40 per bet so this might just be the game you’ve been waiting for.

Navigate the Open Sea

Doubloons and more doubloons is what will get you to the top of the bonus money. How? As soon as you hit at least 5 gold coins, the Treasure Bonus feature is triggered. On your left, you can see the different levels and the payouts dangling like a carrot in front of your eyes.

Rack up all 15 coins and you can stuff that top 1,000x amount right into your own pocket.

Find the Super Coins

There are a couple of magic coins in the mix for reel number 5 and these are both major difference makers. The Super Wild Coin and Super Coin symbols which both can come with a random 10x multiplier and where the Super Wild Coin is also understandably wild.

Can you cash maximize it all and cash in the 10,000x win? Why not!

Sharpen Your Sword and Fight for Free Spins

It’s not a real pirate theme without a skull and if you can land 3 of them, get ready for free spins. Before you can start collecting big wins, you need to spin the wheel and see how many spins you get. With luck on your side you can get as many as 20 free spins, so make sure you give it a good spin!

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During free spins, you’ll be happy to know that the Treasure Bonus values are even higher. Nice!

Boost Your Chances With the Ante Bet Feature

On your bottom left is one of our favorite features, the Ante Bet switch. Flip it, boom, you just doubled your chances of triggering free spins. That’s right, so keep this baby locked and loaded and you’ll be off to the promised land soon enough!

All it asks for in return is that you bump up your bet with €0.25 per €1, which is barely anything when it means you are closer to the big bucks!

Fearless Pirates Mean Big Treasure!

The baddest pirates were the ones with the biggest treasure and the ones lurking in Smugglers Cove slot know what they’re doing. We truly enjoyed this game and for us, the Ante Bet has a lot to do with it. To us, it’s common sense to keep it on the entire time.

When you take home the €400,000 max win or anything else, remember you don’t need to smuggle it or hide it as it is all yours. Good luck!