Do it like the Pharaohs in Egypt Sphere: Hold The Spin Slot

Ever wonder who built the pyramids? According to conspiracy theorists, it wasn’t just the Egyptians—think aliens, time travelers, and even ancient astronauts! These theories are often wilder than a camel ride through the Sahara after enjoying a curry dinner. And they’re often most easily found watching The History Channel. Boy, has that brand completely lost the plot.

Forget about the nutcases in tinfoil hats and enjoy the majesty of the ancient wonders in Egypt Sphere: Hold The Spin slot from Gamzix.

Take a trip down the Nile

The Egypt Sphere: Hold the Spin slot features a 5×4-reel format with five high-paying symbols and four low-paying symbols. The slot’s only base game bonus feature is a wild symbol that will substitute for other symbols to complete or boost winning combinations.


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A round of the Egypt Sphere: Hold the Spin slot’s free spins feature is triggered with the appearance of three or more scatter symbols. The slot’s scatter symbols will only appear on reels one, three, and five. During a round of free spins, only high-paying symbols, wilds, and bonus symbols will appear on the reels. 


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A round of the slot’s Bonus Game is triggered when six or more instant win gold orb symbols appear on the reels. Once this happens, the triggering symbols will be fixed in place, and the reels will be converted to a different set of reels for the hold and win mechanic. This set of reels features two locked rows above the reels that are unlocked when an Expand symbol appears on the reels. 

Once the reels are transformed, you’ll be given three spins to add additional instant win gold orbs or special symbols to the reels. If you manage it, your spins will be reset. If you go three spins without adding a symbol to the reels, your round will be over. All amounts on the reels will then be added together and awarded.


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In addition to standard gold orbs, one of four jackpot symbols can appear during a round of the Bonus Game, each featuring a progressively larger win amount.

Is Egypt Sphere: Hold The Spin slot worthy of the Pharaohs?

With a maximum bet amount of $45, Egypt Sphere: Hold The Spin slot gives you a shot at winning up to $225,000 thanks to its 5,000 maximum multiplier. Betting on the slot does, however, start from as little as $0.10 a spin. The slot features medium to high volatility and offers an RTP of 96%.

This is not the first time Gamzix has used Egyptian mythology as a game theme. They’ve released Book of Cairo, 3×3 Egypt: Hold the Spin, Sunny Coin: Hold the Spin, and Book of Symbols, to name a few. Egypt Sphere: Hold The Spin slot may, however, be the best execution of the theme that the game provider has managed to date. The graphics are good, the game mechanics are engaging, and the bonus features are entertaining. The animation could have brought a bit more life to the slot, but that would just have been an added bonus to the overall playability of the slot. With all this in mind, I give Egypt Sphere: Hold The Spin slot from Gamzix an eight out of ten rating.

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