Hunt Down Wins in the Slotout Wasteland

The Fallout game series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where nuclear bombs have turned society into a chaotic wasteland. Imagine Mad Max with more radiation and mutant creatures. Players navigate through this desolate landscape as Vault Dwellers, armed with Pip-Boys and a dark sense of humor, battling everything from giant roaches to power-armored bandits. It’s a quirky, irradiated adventure where survival often depends on your wits and a hefty stash of bottle caps, which act as the game’s primary currency for some reason.

Now, imagine all that in an alternate reality where everything is just slightly different. Well, now you’ve got Slotout from GameBeat.

When the bombs dropped, the tough got going

In the Slotout base game, money and special money symbols can appear. These symbols display a multiplier that can be applied to your bet amount and awarded as an instant win. The multiplier amounts are only awarded when a money or special money symbol appears on the same spin as a bonus symbol.


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The slot’s bonus game is triggered with three or more bottle cap symbols. When this happens, all symbols on the reels are transformed into either money, special money, or blank symbols for a hold-and-win mechanic.

During the slot’s hold and win bonus feature, you will be given three spins to add additional money or special money symbols to the reels. If you manage it, your three spins will be reset. When a new money or special money symbol appears, all values currently on the reels will be added to the global multiplier before the new multiplier for the new symbol is revealed. If you go three consecutive spins without adding another symbol to the reels, your round will be over.


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Is Slotout like that Spider-Man meme?

Slotout features a 5,000x maximum multiplier that gives you a shot at winning up to $200,000 when betting at the $40-a-spin maximum amount. Betting does, however, start at just $0.20 a spin. The slot features medium volatility and offers an RTP of 96.54%.

I’m not sure if I’ve seen a more blatant ripoff of existing IP to create a slot game. I find it difficult to come to terms with the brazenness of GameBeat creating Slotout. It’s like they’re daring Bethesda to send them a cease-and-desist letter. If the slot weren’t as good as it is, I’d likely be more upset. As is, though, I kinda want Bethesda to seize the opportunity and integrate some kind of playable free money version of the slot into the next Fallout game without GameBeat’s permission just to keep the shithousery going. Although I’m finding it difficult to rate this one, I’m going to give it a nine out of ten, looking at it in the most objective way possible. On the shithousery scale, it gets an eleven!

If you’re keen on discovering a few slots from GameBeat that aren’t blatant ripoffs, I recommend trying out Frog Space Program and STOLBIK777.