Discover What Lurks Beneath the Waves in Deep Rush

Shark week is a strange cultural phenomenon. For one week every year in July or early August since 1988, we have dedicated a week of programming on the Discovery Channel to all things sharks. Apparently, it was originally dreamed up to correct misconceptions about sharks, but now it’s more of a celebration of their wild brutality.

Since it’s July, we might as well enjoy some shark-themed casino games. Deep Rush from Kalamba may just be my favorite shark-themed casino game ever released.

Simplicity in action

At its most basic, Deep Rush is a crash game. Once you decide how much you’d like to bet, you’ll click or tap the Bet button and the submarine will begin to descend into the dark nothingness of an ocean trench.


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As you travel further and further down, the submarine’s multiplier will gradually get bigger. At any time during the descent, you can select to cash out, which will release your submarine pilot who will make a mad dash for the surface. The submarine’s multiplier will then be multiplied by your bet amount and your winnings awarded. That’s the best-case scenario.

At any time during your descent, a freakishly large shark can pop out from the darkness and swallow your submarine whole. If this happens, your round will be over and your bet amount forfeited. You’ll also need to hire a new submarine pilot.


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That’s really it. There isn’t much to the gameplay.

Is Deep Rush worth getting wet for?

It’s essentially just a crash game, so how entertaining can it be, right? Wrong! Deep Rush is enthralling. The first time the shark shot out and snapped up my submarine, I quite literally jumped. I can’t remember a single other casino game giving me that visceral a reaction. The game is simple, sure. However, it’s crafted in such a way that it had me coming back again and again. Even the graphics of the little submarine pilot making a dash for the surface when you cash out is great. Every element of this game just works.

The game has a 10,000x multiplier, but I can’t imagine the nerve an individual has to have to get that deep down. The medium volatility means that if you play your cards right, you can get away with some small consistent wins. The game has an RTP of 96.32%.

If you’re keen to try out a few other gems from Kalamba, I recommend giving Zombie Queen and Lady Lava a try.