Do You Have What It Takes to Loot the Train Slot?

There was no better way to travel cross country in the Wild West than on a train. You could carry more stuff, and you didn’t have to worry about crotch rash or heat stroke on the back of a horse. They did, however, make easy targets for bandits.

Join in on the outlaw’s hunt for riches in Loot the Train slot from Mascot for a shot at the €282,000 max win.

All aboard, the train is leaving

There are two ways to unlock the Loot the Train slot bonus game. The first is to buy a round of the Bonus Game. However, unlike most other slots that include the buy bonus feature, Loot the Train slot brings a twist to the increasingly common feature.


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Instead of a straight purchase, players are also given the chance to risk a winning amount to pay for a round of the bonus feature. The slot’s “offer” to you will be displayed at the completion of any spin, whether it be a winning spin or not. You then get the choice to take the offer and head down the tracks to the bonus round or to ignore it and keep playing.

Then there’s the old-fashioned way of unlocking a bonus game by grabbing three or more of the slot’s two bonus symbols. The symbols that you unlock a round of the bonus game with will be fixed in place and transported to the bonus game.

Once the bonus game is triggered all the slot’s symbols will disappear with the reels and be replaced by either bonus symbols or blank inactive symbols. The reels will then be spun with the aim of adding more bonus symbols to the reels, each of which will come with a multiplier amount that will be added to a global total. You’ll have three spins to add additional symbols. If you managed it, your three spins will be reset. However, if you go three spins without adding a new symbol your bonus game will be over.

Is Loot the Train slot money or fool’s gold?

I can’t decide if I like the speeding train aesthetic Mascot has come up with for Loot the Train slot. It definitely adds a lot of interest to the slot. However, it is also extremely distracting and consistently pulled my attention away front the reels. They took a big swing with it, though, and I appreciate that kind of risk-taking. The bonus features aren’t exactly plentiful but the ones the slot does offer are entertaining.


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The slot’s stats are a bit of a mixed bag too. The lackluster 95.02% RTP rating is not helped by the slot’s high volatility almost guaranteeing this one is going to be a hard slog between wins. However, the 70,500x max multiplier is pretty incredible giving you a shot at the €282,000 max win playing at just €4 a spin.

I am honestly not sure how to feel about Loot the Train slot. It has a lot going for it, but there are also a lot of drawbacks that make it difficult to recommend.

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