Tut’s Twister slot brings new life to Ancient Egypt!

What happens when you wake a 3-thousand-year-old royal mummy from his slumber? Cyclone Tutenkhamum happens! Poor ol’ King Tut has been resting peacefully for hundreds of centuries, until the discovery of his tomb in 1922. How would you like to be raised from the dead only to look like a foul decomposed skeleton that’s been covered in raggy linen?

King Tut sure isn’t pleased with the disturbance of his peace, so he’s climbed from his tomb to cause havoc on these reels. Head out on a legendary quest for ancient hieroglyphics, hidden curses, and royal ruler riches in Tut’s Twister slot.

The ancient king is back to rule these reels

Tut’s Twister slot is a medium to high volatility game that has 5 reels and 25 paylines – courtesy of Yggdrasil. King Tut reigns over these reels, and with each win he does the dance of the dead, with glowing blue eyes.

The ancient artifacts found on the reels are scrolls, rings, Horus pendants, golden pots of jewels, and the card deck suits; clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts. The Wild symbol is a representation of King Tut in his golden heyday, and when landed it reveals mystery hieroglyphs or other rewards which can amplify the gameplay.


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Get free spins for antiquity wins

Tut’s Twister slot awards free spins in a rather unusual way – all it takes to trigger Tut’s Twister Feature is landing only 2 or more Wilds on your reels. This feature comes wrapped in additional rewards such as Wild Twisters, Walking Wilds, Multipliers, Last Chances and Final Spins.

A Wild Twister will appear on the leftmost Wild symbol on the screen and will be locked in place throughout the duration of the free spins round. Walking Wilds will walk towards the twister as each spin progresses until they are ultimately sucked in. Here, players will receive respins until all Walking Wilds disappear. Multipliers in the free spins round increase for every Wild that is present on the screen, starting from 1x.

The Last Chance will award 1 extra respin if there are no more Wilds left in the game, and if Wilds are not landed during the Last Chance spin, the Final Spin will scatter all the Wilds that were accumulated onto the screen awarding a final win with the accumulated multiplier in place.


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There’s a mystery in the main game

Each single Wild that appears on the reels will reveal a mystery prize. These prizes consist of either 1 Hieroglyph, an Extra Wild and Tut’s Twister, 25 to 2,500 coins, or no award at all.

As for the hieroglyphic Twister Collections Feature, players will see that above the reels in the main game, there is a collection of hieroglyphs – filling a complete reel with hieroglyphs will trigger Tut’s Twister on that reel. This triggered reel will add an Extra Wild to the game for each of the collected hieroglyphs to turn your spin into a sandstorm of wins.


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Don’t miss this feature-filled slot!

We know you’re all tiring from Ancient-Egyptian slot themes, but let Tut’s Twister slot breathe new life into the genre, because this game is full to the brim with exciting features and epic win potential.

This Yddgdrasil slot has an RTP of 97.1%, and is interactive and entertaining – there’s a dancing mummy for goodness sake. Let King Tutankhamun’s anger lead you to ancient Egyptian wins and have you walking away with up to €50,300 of new-world wealth!