Explore the four realms of Chibeasties 2 slot

There is nothing wrong with your device. Do not attempt to turn it off and on again. We are controlling the livestream. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to Chibeasties 2 slot.

Shameless callbacks to one of television’s great series aside, Chibeasties 2 from Yggdrasil Gaming is an exploration into how far you can push a bonus feature until it becomes too much for our tiny little brains to handle!

Multirealms of madness

Chibeasties 2 slot explores the multiverse (multirealms for the purposes of this slot – copyright pending) concept, the idea that there is an infinite number of parallel universes layered on top of our own.

Now that we’ve got through our theoretical physics lesson for the day let’s do some maths. The 5-reel slot features 20 fixed paylines and offers medium to high volatility. It has a return to player (RTP) rating of 96.2 and will give you the chance to win up to €90,000.

We’re a little tired of fawning over Yggdrasil opening sequences, but the introduction to Chibeasties 2 is another banger! A cute little alien discovers the stone of power and proceeds to transverse through several realms. Ultimately, his travels end badly, leaving the next cute little alien to wonder if the juice is worth the squeeze.

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It’s mine. IT’S ALL MINE!

Okay, we won’t delay the big reveal any longer. We know why you’re here. You want to control the four realms.

As the game is launched, you are immediately introduced to the main game mechanic and its time-space manipulation qualities. A small button just above the spin button that, once pushed, gives you access to all four realms, each with a unique wild symbol bonus feature.

The four realms are:

  • Expanding Wilds (Red Realm) – Expands to fill the whole reel.
  • Spreading Wilds (Blue Realm) – Each wild creates one to four additional wilds.
  • Teleporting Wilds (Green Realm) – Wilds transport to the best position on the reels to complete wins .
  • Mirroring Wilds (Pink Realm) – Wilds copy themselves to the mirrored position on the reels.

Now, to ensure we’re managing expectations, the four realms have distinct looks but are not entirely unique. In fact, the reels and symbols themselves don’t change at all from realm to realm. Despite this, swapping between realms feels unique. It feels like something new.

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Where should I leave the free spins?

Free spins bonus features are often the primary focus of a slot. They’re the locked doorway guarding the best bonuses, biggest wins, and most elaborate animation. In Chibeasties 2, the free spins feature just feels like a last-minute addition. It still offers the biggest wins but with none of the excitement. The realm-changing wilds were enough. There, we said it.

Chibeasties 2 slot is reaching for the stars!

Like with most entertainment in 2021, originality in slots has become a rare trait. With Chibeasties 2 slot, Yggdrasil Gaming has shown the industry that there are still corners of slot gameplay yet unexplored. Yes, it’s a sequel, but the slot’s growth from one release to the next has been astonishing. They share a name and characters, but that’s about it.

Once you’ve visited the four realms, Yggdrasil Gaming has a few other adventures for you to enjoy. We recommend Legend of the White Snake Lady or Seasons if you want more top-of-the-line slots action.