Go on a blimp ride to riches with the new Cash or Crash Live

Live casino fans, a new game show has touched down at BitStarz just for you. On a hot air balloon ride to riches, the new Cash or Crash Live game is set to take you to soaring new heights for wins of up to €500,000. All you need to do is climb the ladder, and try not to fall. 

You don’t have to be a maintenance man to succeed in this one, this Game Show is for everyone. With simple rules and loads of fun, you can be floating straight to the sun. There’s just one bet standing between you and huge potential wins. Let’s go for the cash and dodge the crash. 

Get ready for a colorful journey to the sky

If you know Evolution like we know Evolution, then you’ll know this latest addition to their Live Game portfolio will be packed with plenty of exciting live features. 

In order to hit the heights, you’ll need to know how to play Cash or Crash Live – and we’ve got you eager beavers covered. 

This game takes place in a blimp that sails over a vibrant city. And, inside the blimp is the almighty Ball-Drawing Machine, filled with tons of green balls, fewer red balls, and one glorious gold ball. 


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Here’s the aim of the game 

Ultimately, the aim of Cash or Crash Live is to climb as high up the ladder-style paytable without drawing a red ball. The red balls will have you crashing and losing your winnings. 

What you want to see are the green balls because these guys will get you climbing the ladder higher, and higher, and higher towards greater payouts. The gold ball on the other hand, is a shield that not only protects you from the red balls, but also has the power to increase the payouts on the paytable. 

The gold ball also triggers a Bonus Round, where you can sit back, relax, and hope for more green balls to be drawn, which will boost you up the ladder safely – since you’re protected from the red balls. During the Bonus Round you won’t need to make any decisions… which is up next.

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This is where decision making comes into play

When a green ball is drawn it will be up to you to decide to Continue, Take Half, or Take All. Continue means staying in the game and carrying on playing with your winnings. Take Half means cashing out half of your wins and playing with the other half. Take All, is cashing out all your winnings and opting out of that game round. 


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Place your bets and climb towards wondrous wins

For the chance to reach heights so thrilling that you could touch down with huge wins, then the new Cash or Crash Live game is totally up your alley. 

Its optimal RTP is 99.59%. Created with advanced augmented reality technology, this Game Show will tick all your live gameplay boxes. 

Take to the skies, players, and climb that ladder all the way to the top – because with this new Game Show, big wins await.