Magic, Trigger-Happy Pups and a Legendary Treasure? Yes, Please!

There’s not a week that goes by that doesn’t bring new, exciting action to BitStarz and as you know, Monday means a sneak peak of our three hottest new releases.

From magic to ancient treasures to trigger-happy dawgs, we have got it all in store for you this time and this week’s best entertainment is coming from Betsoft, Pragmatic Play and Yggdrasil.

A new release sort of has that new car smell to it, making you want to get in there and get a whiff of the reels and a taste of the wins. You will have to wait a couple of days for these ones but get ready to roll up your sleeves and score some wins!

Stacked – Betsoft

Release date: March 18

A bit of magic never hurt anyone and it’s trying to figure out a really good card trick can drive you mad. You will get it all this week when Betsoft invites you to the most thrilling new show in town, the magical Stacked slot.

Without revealing all the tricks this game has up its sleeve, you can count on getting your world rocked with features like The Secret Trick and Fix the Trick. Add to that a few goodies such as magical multipliers, mystery cards and the epic prismatic reel plus more so unless you already are, you will believe in magic.

Temujin Treasures – Pragmatic Play

Release date: March 18

Genghis Khan was one of the most ruthless rulers in history but it’s a lesser known fact that his birth name was Temujin. In the Temujin Treasures slot you will meet a much happier and definitely more generous version of the warrior king and it is all for your benefit.

If you manage to take advantage of his newfound happy mood, you can look forward to a ton of rewards coming your way. Will you step up and take charge of firecrackers, free spins, fortune wheels and jackpots in the name of Temujin or shall we say Genghis Khan?

Desperate Dawgs – Yggdrasil

Release date: March 18

As the vultures circle above, the showdown is as real as it gets in the trigger-happy Desperate Dawgs slot. Instead of gritty old cowboys you will be seeing a trio of feisty pups, trying to live up to the reputation of being the baddest gunslingers in the Wild West.

Each with a unique talent for making money, they can’t wait to show off their skills by taking you with them to the Wagon Trail, Bank Buster, and Crime Spree features, where you can get your hands on quite a bit of cash!

In the Meantime…

Patience dear friend, as you will have to wait a couple of days before the arrival of these new recruits. However, there is a ton of fun stored in our game lobby so if you haven’t already gone through the many games there, you should give it a go. You won’t regret it!