Grab Explosive Wins in the New Evil Goblins Slot

With Halloween fast approaching, the weird and wonderful of the casino world are coming out to play. In a corner of that creepy circus of creatures are the mischievous and often malicious Evil Goblins slot from Nolimit City.

Are you ready for some pre-Halloween fun?

Is that a bone!?

As the ghoulish goblins plot their devilish dishes, we’re obliviously just sitting in the corner enjoying the tunes.

The music for Evil Goblins slot is amazing. It’s creepy and sinister and makes your skin crawl a little. But when you add the sound effects that sound like bones rattling, it sets the tone for a hair-raising ride.


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The illustration and animation deliver what the music and sound effects sold you on. It’s detailed and nightmarish, which each of the goblins illustrated in their own grotesque uniqueness. Put simply, this one is going to draw you in.

An explosive affair

When it comes to winning, it’s all about making sure you have the right amount of explosives to do the job. And in Evil Goblins slot, there’s more than enough to go around.

If you’re going to do it, you better make sure it’s TNT. Setting an xBomb will also do just fine. This barrel of destruction will incinerate adjacent symbols. Once the dust settles, you’ll find that the slot has expanded by one row. If cascading wins set additional xBombs, the slot will transform again and again from a 6×3-reel slot with 729 ways to win to its 6×7-reel final form with an insane 117,649 ways to win!


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Although the xBomb offers explosive rewards, those wins go nuclear once you pair their destructive power with one of the slot’s three wilds.

Make the ultimate slots sacrifice

The first of the three wilds is the Goblin Sacrifice Wild. This explosive bonus feature is detonated when you match a symbol on any of the middle three reels with the goblin character above it. If your match is made in hell, the goblin will throw down a bomb turning the matching symbol wild and completing wins.

Dead Wilds is the slot’s second kind of wild. These wilds are dead symbols that only come to life when three or more appear on the reels at once. They then transform into Resurrection Wilds, the third kind of wild if you’re still keeping count, adding up to a 55x multiplier to any winnings.


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The goblins above the reels are, however, not just there to sacrifice their doppelgangers. If on any spin all four goblins are the same, you’ll face the Evil 4. Once these degenerates get together, any wins that include the matching goblin symbol will receive a 4x multiplier.

When it comes to dastardly deeds, Evil Goblins slot just keeps giving. In addition to three kinds of wilds, the slot also has two different kinds of free spins.

There’s nothing like fresh meat in the morning’s when you’re a goblin. But if you want to sink your teeth into that high-quality steak, you’re going to need to grab three or more scatter symbols to unlock up to 10 Fresh Meat Spins. Once you do, you’ll be feasting on the wins.

During a round of Fresh Meat Spins, you’ll have guaranteed Dead Wilds on each spin, and the likelihood of you receiving Goblin Sacrifice Wilds or xBombs increases.

Now for the main course! To unlock this second set of free spins, you’ll need the stars to align just right. If you hit an Evil 4 combination during a round of Fresh Meat Spins, you’ll see the underbelly of the goblin world with a round of Goblin Feast Free Spins.

[Special Image 4]

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Once you sit down to feast, you’ll receive a serving of four spins. If you manage to get a Goblin Sacrifice Wild, you’ll add a multiplier to your wins, and the spins will reset. You can reset the Goblin Feast Free Spins four times for a total of 16 free spins! Additionally, each and every one of your Goblin Feast Free Spins will include at least one xBomb.

Is Evil Goblins slot fresh or rancid?

This steak is bloody and fresh from the butcher! The music and sound effects are gloriously creepy, the bonus features plentiful, and with the addition of a €319,690 max jackpot, this is a meal fit for a five-star restaurant.

Now for the bad news. Along with the impressive array of bonus features, Evil Goblins slot has an equally impressive extreme volatility. This means that you’ll have to search a little harder than normal to grab even the smallest win. However, with an RTP of 96.14%, it’s clear that if you have the means to keep playing, it’ll be well worth your while in the long run.

If extreme isn’t for you, give our low volatility slots a try. You won’t win as much, but you will win more often. If this is more your speed, you should take Portal Master or Pinup Girls for a spin.