Hacksaw Starts Off 2024 Strong with 2 Wild 2 Die Slot

Despite what Yellowstone would have us believe, the days of cowboys being gun-toting outlaws have come and gone. In the Wild West, it was a necessity. Today, however, these men and women are far more concerned with making sure that they meet quotas and increase profits. This depressing reality is why stories about the good old days of cowboys are so popular. It ignites that little spark of primal anarchy within us all.

Hacksaw has taken this spark and made flames with a hot new game called 2 Wild 2 Die slot.

Locked and loaded

Silver and gold revolver symbols can appear in the base game. When they do, bullets are fired at random positions on the slot. Each position a bullet hits will be transformed into a wild symbol. The number of shots will be determined by the number of bullets in the revolver. Once the revolver is empty, it will be transformed into a wild symbol. If a silver bullet hits a position that has already been transformed into a wild, the wild will be converted into a wild multiplier. Every position a gold bullet hits will automatically become a wild multiplier. Wild multiplier values can range from 2x to 200x. The multiplier values will be applied to any winning amount that results from a combination that includes a wild multiplier.


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2 Wild 2 Die slot has a number of bonus games. The first and most basic is the Most Wanted bonus game, which is triggered with three FS symbols. The bonus game is a fun take on a hold-and-win feature that gives you three spins to grab revolver symbols. If you manage it, your spins will be reset. If not, your round will be over. When a revolver symbol appears on the reels, the number of bullets in the revolver will be used to shoot multiplier wanted posters above the reels. The amounts displayed on each poster that is shot will be added to the revolver to determine its total multiplier value. At the end of the round, all the multiplier values are added together and applied to your bet amount.

With the appearance of four FS symbols, a round of the slot’s free spins bonus game will be triggered. During a round of free spins, all multiplier wilds that appear on the reels will become sticky and will remain on the reels until the last spin.

Three FS symbols and a Best Of Bonus symbol will trigger the Best of Most Wanted bonus game. This will entail you playing through three different rounds of the standard Most Wanted bonus game, with the highest of the three win amounts being awarded to you. Four FS symbols and a Best of Bonus symbol will trigger the Best of Free Spins feature, which will entail the same sort of thing but with three rounds of free spins.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around to trigger the slot’s bonus feature the old-fashioned way, you can select to purchase a round. The slot’s buy bonus feature offers a number of options to choose from.

Is 2 Wild 2 Die slot the best of the best?

2 Wild 2 Die slot has high volatility. This will result in the gameplay favoring rare, large wins over small, consistent wins. The 15,000x max multiplier allows you to play for up to $225,000 in winnings betting at $15 a spin. If you’re more keen on betting on the lower side, though, betting starts from $0.10 a spin. The slot’s RTP is 96.25%.

I love a good cowboy or girl-themed video slot, and 2 Wild 2 Die slot is a great one! The graphics and animation are on another level. They are incredibly well done. And there is so much of it. Each of the many bonus rounds has its own scene with a great piece of music paired with it. All the bonus features are also so well-themed, tying all the gameplay together perfectly. This may be my new favorite game of all time.

There are a few small gripes I have with the game, however. In the base game, the music is a little cheesy. In a more silly cowboy-themed slot, this would have been fine. But in 2 Wild 2 Die slot, it feels out of place. What’s really annoying about this is that the music is perfect in the bonus games! The track selections are so appropriate, and the music really adds to the experience. The cheesy music is also not helped by the even more cheesy sound effects for the FS symbols and the triggering sound for a bonus game. But the most jarring choice is this weird casino chime that accompanies every win in the base game. It’s so out of place and really distracts from the overall gameplay. These are, however, small gripes. These are the elements that would have taken this 9.5 game to a 10 out of 10. The slot is still SO good, though!

Hacksaw has been on a hot streak with some amazing game releases. If you want to try a few others, I recommend trying out Immortal Desire, Dark Summoning, and Densho.