Head to the Emperor’s Palace for the Best Wins!

Emperors of China and Japan were some of the wealthiest people to ever roam the planet, living a life of true decadence. So, what if we told you that it’s still possible to head on over to the Emperor’s Palace for tea, biscuits and a slice of cake, all the while filling your pockets with an absolute ton of coins!

Well, we’re pleased to tell you that you can fill all these dreams as you spin the reels in the brand-new Emperor’s Palace slot. Get ready to live your best live as you spin these rich and decadent reels, for there’s free spins and a gamble feature to help you strike it rich!

Gamble Up Those Wins!

When you’re spinning these authentic reels, you’re going to love the big wins that head your way. In Emperor’s Palace you can win a fairly generous €30,000 from each and every spin, but we know that’s not much for a lot of you. So, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a gamble feature waiting for you on every winning spin. Simply pick whether you think the next color will be red or black and you can double your money up to seven times in a row. This is the best and fastest way to turn your small wins into something worth shouting about. Considering that Emperor’s Palace has an RTP of 96.00%, you’re going to enjoy using that gamble feature to tip the balance of power into your favor!

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Free Spins are Epic in a Palace

Palaces are pretty cool places, and once you’ve been in one, you’re going to want one for yourself. So, with that in mind, you’re going to love free spins mode, seeing as you get to play it out in a palace. All you have to do is land between 7 and 9 scatters on the reels in order to win between 7 and 30 free spins – the more scatters you get, the more spins you get. You have to make the most of free spins mode as you cannot retrigger it until you collect more scatters in the base game mode!

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Emperor’s Palace is a pumping game, packed full of action and excitement. There’s a pretty nice jackpot feature in Emperor’s Palace and to trigger it all you have to do is trigger the Jackpot Mystery bonus round. However, this is triggered purely by chance, so bear this in mind when you’re trying to pocket that jackpot!