Play Anotherland slot for a mind-bending experience!

Anotherland slot… Well this is trippy. Are we in Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Flubber, or Hell? We don’t think anybody truly knows as this slot is just so eye-poppingly peculiar.

Belatra Games, throw us a bone and help us out please because this slot begs more questions than answers. Well wherever we are, it’s pretty safe to say we are in a slimy green parallel universe where centaurs and dodos live amongst immortal witches and powerful queens. This bizarre story sure does have us intrigued – let’s swirl through the black hole and have our minds bent in Anotherland.

What’s on these dark and sinister reels?

This 5 reel and 20 payline slot invites us to venture through a mysterious planet that has been populated with the strangest of things. Ruled by the ‘wicked’ witch (who does look like she’s from the Broadway musical with that skin tone), it’s possible she abducted a selection of otherworldly creatures to make her Anotherland kingdom what it is today.

In Anotherland slot, we visit the world of half men, half horses, extinct dinosaur birds, wicked witches, Atlantis queens, smiley wolves, royal crowns and intricate daggers. The most normal thing in this slot, are the card deck royals – thank goodness!

Ready for another whopper? The Scatter is a wolf howling at the moon – on earth. The Wild is a yellow magic ball, because why not?


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Free games that we’re familiar with

Everything may be out of whack in Anotherland slot, but the features are familiar. Landing 3 or more Scatter symbols on the reels will trigger 10 Free Games, and landing another 3 in this free spins round will award another 10 Free Games.

Before the Free Games round begins, the witch will throw up to 10 of her magic ball Wilds on the reels, which will then be fixed to the screen during the entire free spins round. Ultimately, the more magic balls that grace our reels, the more likely we will be to secure big wins.


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As if visiting a mysterious planet isn’t a risk enough

Belatra Games invites us to take yet another risk… but this time in the form of a Risk Game. After each victory we achieve on our reels we will be offered the chance to double or increase our winnings by simply guessing which color the central card will land on, red or black. To take it even further, we can guess which suit the central card will land on.

If our guesses are correct we’ll be awarded with the respective additional wins, but if we’re incorrect our wins will be lost and the Risk Game will end.


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Bored of our land… visit Anotherland!

There might not be much for us in Anotherland slot. Like who will we start a life with over there… the centaur or the hypnotized Atlantis queen? Best to make this a short visit because there is still a large amount of money to win – up to €50,000.

This ‘enlightening’ slot has a 97.27% RTP and medium to high volatility, and hopes to reach players far and wide with this. As for performance, things here are pretty basic… But, if you’re into all things mysterious and curious then Anotherland slot is definitely worth your while!