Back your Favorite Horse to Win in Derby Wheel Slot

Horse racing is a weird sport. On any given race day you’re likely to touch shoulders with both the ultra wealthy and the out of work husband hiding from his wife. And at the center of it all, a group of horses bred for nothing but running really fast being ridden by a bunch of small people starving themselves to save weight. It’s farcical.

So, do away with reality and take it digital. Grab your betting slip and best fasinator and head over to Derby Wheel slot from Play’N Go fro the big race.

You’re in for a surprise

Derby Wheel slot gives nothing away. The slot’s thumbnail is retro and doesn’t scream modern feature-rich slot. Then you launch it and you’re greeted by a simple three-reel five payline fruit slot complete with all the retro slot symbols you would expect from a slot machine at your local sports bar. The bonus wheel scatter does stand out, though. This gives you your first hint that not everything is at it seems.


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Once you unlock the bonus feature wheel you might trigger the Big Wheel for a fairly standard casino experience. However, if you trigger the Horse Racing feature you’ll be transported to a digital racetrack for a chance to do a bit of sports betting on the horse racing. The feature is executed with a great deal of attention to detail that really elevates it above anything I have seen for years.

The bonus feature wheel is your friend

With the appearance of three or more jackpot wheel scatter symbols on the reels, you will unlock a spin of the bonus feature wheel. The wheel is split into two sections giving you chance to unlock either the Horse Racing or Big Wheel bonus features.


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In the Horse Racing bonus feature, you are first given are able to choose one of four bet types. Firstly, you can choose to not bet which will give you a guaranteed 40x your bet. The three other bets require you to predict the first, first and second, and first, second, and third-place finishers of the race. If you select the Trifecta bet requiring you to predict all three places, you can win up to 2,239x your bet. Once you have selected your bet type, you will then place your bet by selecting which horses you think will finish in which positions. The race will then be run and if your predictions are correct, your winnings will be paid out.


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The Big Wheel bonus feature is simply a jackpot wheel with a number of potential win multipliers. Once triggered, you’ll spin the wheel to see which win multiplier you’ll get. It’s as simple as that.

Is Derby Wheel slot on the winner’s podium?

I have been reviewing casino games for close to a decade. As a result, there is not much that I haven’t seen and I’m rarely surprised by a slot game. Well, I’m happy to say that Derby Wheel slot surprised me!

The slot presents itself as a simple retro fruit slot with some interesting graphics. And then you unlock the bonus feature wheel and the Horse Racing feature and suddenly you’re placing a sports bet. It’s just astonishingly layered and I had a blast discovering all the different features.

The 96.2% RTP rating and high volatility aren’t anything to write home about but I really couldn’t care. I would play this one again in a heartbeat for no other reason than it was just an enjoyable experience!

Normally I close by suggesting a few other slots like Derby Wheel slot but there really isn’t anything else like it out there. So instead, here are a few of my all-time favorites. Birds of a Wire from Thunderkick is a quirky masterpiece that has some really unique game mechanics. And Xibalba is a stunning and is from possibly my favorite slot provider Peter & Sons.