High Risk, High Rewards Winners That Defied the Odds!

Here are some fun and interesting stories of people winning big, taking chances and winning even bigger. Whatever game you prefer, at BitStarz you are always just one click away from this one massive cash rain.

Win. Big Win.

Bond. James Bond. Such a classic way of introducing oneself and the one who said it first was none other than the legend himself, Sean Connery. Did you know Mr. Connery is an avid gambler? According to the man himself, it derives from his father bringing him as a child to places where he would gamble. Through the years, Connery has spent time inside many casinos across the world. In this particular story, he was enjoying the roulette table at a casino in the Italian Alps.

As the legend goes, he put his money on number 17 and lost. He then tried again but failed. On attempt number 3, the luck finally struck with the odds 35 to 1. Normally, one would walk away or bet on a different number, but Mr Connery decided against it and let it ride on 17 for another 3 times and won every single time. Eventually, he walked away with $27,000 which is equivalent to around $220,000 today. Another power move securing his legendary status as James Bond. Incidentally, for years number 17 was the most popular number on a roulette table.

Strategy Strikes Again

Mr. Miami Vice himself, Don Johnson, has always enjoyed his time in casinos. He has won big on many occasions but in contrast to other big winners, card counting or pure luck didn’t play as big of a part in his success. Johnson’s trick was instead to negotiate with the casinos directly regarding areas that would give him a slight advantage over the house. At first, he always looked for tables using the most decks and other favorable rules leaning in his advantage. He also made sure to play with dealers that had to stop on 17 and only tables where he could double his bets.

The area where his negotiating skills came to use, however, was the guaranteed payback he managed to work out with the casino. Compared to the normal 10%, Johnson managed to sort out a payback of a nice 20%. By being clever and strategic, over a period of 6 months, he was able to win a total of $15 million spread out over three casinos. The downside? He is banned from several casinos in both Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Family is Everything

All grandparents believe their grandchildren are the best and most intelligent. Well, perhaps not all of them but most. How many are ready to put their money where their mouths are? Peter Edwards did just that when starting to see the ball skills his grandson started to show at the age of 3. Edward bet £50 that the kid would some day play for the National team. He was given the odds of 2500 to 1. Sounds crazy right? Well, when Wales faced Belgium in 2013, the then 16-year-old grandson became the youngest player ever to represent the country in a national game. Mr Edwards 13-year old investment finally paid off and he cashed in on a fresh £125,000! Now that’s believing in your family.

Table Tennis Tricks

Amarillo Slim was a gambler through and through. As long as he felt the odds were in his favor, there wasn’t a bet he shied away from. His real name was Thomas Austin Preston and after spending years hustling around Texas, he decided to move to Las Vegas. In Sin City, he became a known gambler and even won the World Series of Poker in 1974. He loved the unorthodox bet and one of his most famous stories involves a game of table tennis.

Bobby Riggs, a former tennis champ who had won Wimbledon in 1939 also lived in Las Vegas. When Slim met Riggs and found out about his background, he challenged him to a table tennis match. Riggs who wanted to put Slim in his place agreed to a match and even accepted the only rule set for the bet, that Slim would bring paddles for them both. The bet was $10,000. When the day for the showdown came around, Slim showed up with the paddles of his choice – frying pans. Riggs had no idea that Slim had secretly practiced with the frying pan for months. In the end, Slim was victorious by beating Riggs by 21-8. Boom!

Breaking the Bank

1891, was the year where the phrase Breaking the Bank, became more than a saying. At the Monte Carlo Casino, Mr. Charles Deville Wells managed to do just that when he stuffed his pockets with $500,000 one night. Wells had actually tricked some people for the $400 he was playing with. During this evening, the stars and the moon aligned and during an 11-hour marathon at the roulette table, he pocketed all the chips available and literally broke the bank. The fact that Mr. Wells was a criminal and later served several years behind bars doesn’t take away from the fact that he won BIG that one night!

There is an endless amount of stories out there where people take risks and win big. The team at BitStarz love seeing our players win big so fingers crossed, the next story you hear could very well be about you – good luck!