Take to the skies in Cloud Quest slot!

Think Soul Calibur characters inhabiting the floating cities of BioShock. This is the world of Cloud Quest.

Few visuals exemplify the fantasy genre more than a city in the sky. It needs no explanation. It’s an awe-inspiring sight that immediately signals to the player that this world is full of fantastic things, and if you stick around, you may just get the chance to be a part of them.

It is, as a result, unsurprising that when we saw the visuals of Play’n Go’s Cloud Quest, we knew we were in for something special!

A journey into the clouds

This is a fantasy world, and the standard 5×3 slot format just won’t do. Cloud Quest adds two additional rows to create a unique 5×5 square slot. Its reels and the functionality are built around a futuristic console, hinting that you’re on the bridge of some colossal airship.


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When you hit the start (not spin) button, symbols drop down into the reels and any three matching symbols that line up vertically, horizontally or diagonally will trigger a win regardless of where they are on the reels. The symbols included in the winning combinations then vanish and the remaining symbols drop down with the possibility that they’ll trigger additional wins. If you’re looking for context, think Candy Crush saga. Similar mechanic.

The sky is filled with bonus features

Cloud Quest is not short on bonus features. In fact, this may be one of the most feature-packed slots we’ve ever seen. A bold claim, we know. You just wait and see.

Let’s start simply. As you now know, during the base gameplay, symbols drop down into the reels. If three matching symbols line up vertically, horizontally or diagonally anywhere on the reels, it triggers a win. There’s more though. All three-symbol winning combinations transform into golden wild symbols, which in turn can complete additional wins.

Not satisfied? Let’s step things up a notch. When you complete a win with Super Power symbols, it triggers sections of the Super Power Wheel located to the right of the reels. The wheel then spins. If it lands on one of the activated sections, you unlock a free re-spin with one of four superpowers.

Re-spin superpowers:

  • Five of Fortune – The wins of each of your re-spins are multiplied by five.
  • Emblem of Endurance – When activated, two wilds will be fixed on the reels. The wilds will only disappear if you hit a combination of all wilds.
  • Mark of Multitude – During the slot’s base gameplay, only three-symbol combinations transform into wilds. With this re-spin superpower, you’ll receive two wild symbols for four-symbol combinations and three for five-symbol combinations.
  • Scatter of Success – All symbols act as scatters.

Okay, this is our last shot. If this doesn’t impress you, nothing will. At the beginning of each round, the slot randomly assigns a bonus row. If during a single spin you manage to clear a bonus row of symbols, you’ll unlock a second-screen bonus game.

Once triggered, the second-screen bonus game will give you the chance to pick between one of three characters to take into battle. After you have selected your hero, you will receive between 5 and 20 retriggerable free spins on a single-row fruit slot to do battle with progressively stronger monsters.


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Winning combinations will do damage to your enemy. The stronger the monster, the bigger the wins. Once you’ve run out of free spins, you’ll return to the base game. If you manage to go all the way and defeat the final boss, you’ll receive 100x your bet.


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Each battle you win will earn you XP points to level up your preferred hero. Now, we thought this might boost your winnings or make it easier to vanquish monsters. Not so much. According to Play’n Go, XP points are all about being able to “brag to your friends and fellow gamers when you reach max level!”

That’s it, captain. We’ve got nothing left to give. You’re impressed, right?

A message from the clouds

Cloud Quest slot offers numerous bonus features, incredible graphics and integrates some novel mechanics that set it apart from the competition. It features a return to player rating (RTP) of 96% and offers a balanced level of volatility. With the addition of a potential maximum jackpot of €100,000, the overall package offered by Cloud Quest is hard to ignore.

That’s not everything though. There are intangibles. The animation is beautiful. At random times, a bird will fly across the screen under the reels giving you a sense of immersion that really shouldn’t be possible in this medium.

The battles are also great. You have very little control over the outcome, but the complete shift in gameplay keeps things interesting. We’re going to keep playing this hot slot, and we think you should join us. You could also try some of the other titles from Play’n Go. Troll Hunters and Reactoonz are two of our favorites for sure!