Hurry – Wins Are Flying Out of Our Hottest Games of the Week

Some days you’re hot, some days you’re not. We can all relate but try and tell that to the slots below because they made the list of BitStarz hottest slots of the week.

Wins of all sizes have literally been flying out of these slots and if you hurry, the fire will probably still be burning.

Starz Megaways – Pragmatic Play

Fuel your rocket and leave earth for the Milky Way, where the neon colors and monster wins seem to reside. We can’t tell you their exact location or distance to the sun but Starz Megaways slot is on fire this week.

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Paying out a lot more than the €400,000 max win, players have been scooping up wins left and right. If you are one of them, you deserve an applause for your impeccable timing of playing the hottest slot of the week!

Danger High Voltage – Big Time Gaming

You may want to check the fuse box because the Danger High Voltage slot is burning up! It’s not easy to tell by the title but this is more of a disco game and with all the hot features involved, you can dance like Michael Jackson and pick up some pretty hefty wins.

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Will the Wild Electricity feature or the Gates of Hell free spins be your ticket to the big bucks? Start spinning and you will find out!

Donuts – Big Time Gaming

Glazed, cream filled, chocolate frosted are all great tasting donuts. You don’t need to be a cop to enjoy them but nothing tastes as yummy as landing a big win.

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Do you want a dozen fresh ones or will a box of 20 be the better choice? We are talking about free spins, not donuts, but you can get it all in the Donuts slot right now!

Pied Piper – Quickspin

Being called upon to deal with the town’s rat problem doesn’t exactly sound like a dream job. Even worse, if you don’t get paid for it which is exactly what happened to the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

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You don’t need to worry about that here because the Pied Piper slot seems to be paying out to every single person that knows how to play a tune on the flute. In other words, if you haven’t done it yet, toot the flute and walk off with piles of cash!

Return of the Dead – Pragmatic Play

Surprisingly, the Return of the Dead slot is not about the zombie apocalypse and it is definitely not dead. It is probably fair to say it’s more alive than ever, at least if this week’s payouts has anything to say about it.

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The legend continues and if you hurry, there is probably a lot more than a €400,000 max win waiting to be paid out to those who dare to enter the tomb.

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