J.R.R Tolkien’s epic has hit the reels in Magic of the Ring slot

The Magic of the Ring slot takes us on an epic passage through the giant forests of Middle-earth, with the goal of safeguarding the One Ring from the Dark Lord, Sauron. Frodo is on vacay so hopefully we can do as good a job of protecting the ring as this little Hobbit does, with his little Hobbit hands, and little Hobbit feet.

This is a major undertaking, but have no fear, because Gandalf the Grey is here. Anything is possible when a Great Wizard has your back – even winning up to €206,000!

Make your way to Mordor

If we’re following in the footsteps of Frodo, then we need to make our way to Mordor, and who better to walk through this volcanic plain with than our fire-breathing buddy Smaug, and of course, Gandalf the Grey. The other paying symbols in the Magic of the Ring slot includes the Dol Guldur castle, an axe and shield, and the 10 to Ace card royals.

Just as Sauron searches for the One Ring to rule them all, Wazdan has us searching for it too. The Scatter is the coveted One Ring, and once we find it, it could rule our reels. There are so many wild and weird things creeping around Middle-earth – yes you precious Sméagol – so naturally, this slot comes with a wild… and it’s also the all-powerful One Ring.


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One Ring to rule the reels

You would think a trilogy as widely respected as the Lord of the Rings is, that this slot game would come with mega bonus magic. It doesn’t, but it does come with 10 fantastical free spins.

We know there is only One Ring, but we need three. So while you spin those reels, say a little spell to cast the power of replication. Landing 3 Scatters will trigger the free spins round, which will be sure to have you ‘blessing the realm’ for the rewards that may be bestowed upon you.


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Your fate is in the cards

Looking for the answer on how to increase your powers? Unfortunately, we don’t come from the land of J.R.R Tolkien, so a magic ring won’t do the trick. But the good news is that you can double your earnings by playing the Risk Game, which is kinda the same thing as enhancing your powers right?

Once you get a win, click on the x2 coin stack button located just next to your credit window to activate the Risk Game. You’ll be asked to guess whether or not the color-changing card will land as a red or black card. If you guess correctly you’ll get another try, but if you guess wrong then the Risk Game ends and your winnings will be forfeited.


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Are you a fan of the fellowship?

Wazdan’s Magic of the Ring slot is just how we would imagine an animated version of the Lord of the Rings to look. The graphics are great and the whole aura of enchantment we got from the movies and books is right here too. Making this slot even more magical is its 96.47% RTP and low volatility. It’s definitely not as risky as a chance meeting with Sauron.

The world of wizardry will forever intrigue us, and so will the Lord of the Rings. So take this interest a little further and play the awesome Wazdan follow-up, the Magic of the Ring Deluxe slot, as well.