Fight your way to the fortune in Dungeon: Immortal Evil RPG slot!

You’re in for a REAL treat with this one! If you’ve ever played a video game similar to Prince of Persia or God of War, or even if you’ve seen these games before, it should give you a good idea of what to expect in Dungeon: Immortal Evil RPG slot.

Let’s introduce you to the hero in this quest for glory. This fella is out for blood, and you get a front-row seat to the action in this extraordinary slot from Evoplay Games.

Your quest for riches begins!

You won’t find a single reel in this game, there’s none of that ancient technology at play here. This is an RPG slot, and you’ll be taking the role of a fearless champion, chosen by the gods, fighting his way through the underworld to restore balance while reclaiming stolen riches. You’ll find yourself immersed in a world of monsters, demons, and vicious beasts on this epic quest.


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The aim of the game is to defeat the monsters and collect their stolen treasures. Your total winnings are based on the value of loot symbols collected, the amount of loot symbols collected, and the types of monsters you slay in battle. You’ll be fighting your way through one room at a time, and moving through each room is the equivalent of a spin on a regular reel slot.

Reap the rewards by slaying these demons!

Every time you click on the spin button, the hero will proceed to the next room where between 1 and 5 monsters will be waiting. Your hero will then fight the monsters in the room, and after their defeat, the rewards will pop from their undeserving corpses. Click again to place your bet and he’ll skip off to the next room and continue slaying in true style.


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Sounds a little hectic, we know, but watch the intro video after entering the game before you start playing – it will get your blood boiling for vengeance!

In some cases, killing a monster could not award you the loot, similar to a spin without a winning combination on the reels with a regular slot game. There are 8 kinds of monsters, and each monster has 5 types of loot symbols that can be collected once they’re defeated.

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The stronger monsters have higher-paying loot symbols, but the guy you really want to poke a hole into is the “boss” of them all – and he’s called EVIL! But you’ll only find him in the bonus round when you step into the dungeon.

Random events are gifts from the gods!

During the base game, one of 5 random events could be triggered after any spin. Here’s where the medium to high volatility rating of this slot can find you standing in a pile of loot at any given time. Here are 4 of the 5 random events, we’re saving the best for last.

  • Mimic – When this event is triggered, your hero will enter the room to find a monster that resembles a treasure chest. It has teeth so beware! When this monster is taken care of, you are guaranteed to receive 5 random types of loot symbols.
  • Chest – The hero will enter a room without any monsters, but there will be a treasure chest in the middle of the room which awards 5 random loot symbols. You don’t even have to break a sweat to bag the loot with this one!

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  • Big Game – A notification will appear on the screen when this event is triggered. You’ll enter the room to find 5 monsters, one being a “main” monster which has a high probability of awarding loot when he dies. So put him out of his misery!
  • Bad Company – You’ll enter a room with 5 monsters, and this time, they all have a high probability of awarding a win once they’re defeated. Quick hint! Double click on spin and your hero will run into the room, jump up high, and bring his axes crashing to the ground, smiting his opponents with a single blow.

Monstrous wins await in the hellish dungeon of Evil!

This is the 5th and final event that can be triggered at random. And it could happen at any moment, so you better keep a cool head as things are about to heat up big time! Your hero will strut his stuff into a room as usual, but this time a magical portal will appear in the centre, surrounded by evil priests. This is when your armour is going to come in handy!


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When your hero enters the portal, you will descend into the depths of the dungeons, where the evil boss monster resides. Here, your hero is no longer immortal, and fighting monsters could damage his health. Fortunately, this dungeon is filled with health potions and armour to keep you alive, but if you die, the bonus round is over and you return to the main game.

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Your hero will be fighting his way through the dungeon, killing monsters and bagging the loot along the way. The Dungeon consists of 6 rooms with monsters to fight in each, and the boss monster awaits in room 7. Make it that far, and you get to fight Evil for a whole stack of loot. Oh, and this bonus round is totally free just by the way!

Experience the thrill of RPG gaming today!

Just like any other slot, this one also has a return to player rating (RTP), which sits very comfortably at a generous 96.3% RTP. The graphics are impressive, more so when you realize you’re actually playing a slot. The gameplay is exceptionally smooth on both desktop and mobile devices so play anywhere, anytime. Now whip out those weapons and start slashing your way to riches in Dungeon: Immortal Evil RPG slot today!