IT’s a Joker slot is frightful and delightful!

Killer clowns, what’s up with them? They’re the reason for the very real coulrophobia – the debilitating fear of clowns. Thanks IT, we weren’t afraid of red-nosed fuzzylumkins until you showed up with your bloody balloon.

Pennywise paid us a visit to scare us senseless in 1990. Pennywise returned not so long ago to ‘Georgie’ up our nightmares. And guess what, Pennywise has returned once again, but this time, on the reels with loads of cash to give away in the new IT’s a Joker slot.

But fear not fellow coulrophobes, Pennywise is surrounded by juicy fruits, free spins and many, many multipliers in this one. So, it’s time we face our fears for fruitful wins of up to €42,000.

Stay away from the sewers

It’s long been debated whether or not this sewer-murdering-rat is a male or a female. Felix Gaming has decided that in this slot, Pennywise will take the form of a lady – evident by her gold hooped earrings.

This game is creepy, there’s no doubt about it, but the presence of 7s, Grapes, Cherries, Lemons, Plums, Oranges, and Bells on the reels sure does soften the blow of spinning reels with grisly Jack in the Boxes, and huge-toothed Pennywises.

IT is the Wild, and that’s the only special symbol in this game of fright and delight.


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A horror filled with free spins and multiplying wins

IT’s a Joker slot has features that will turn fear into fun. You won’t only be spinning the reels for winning combinations, but there are two other reels that will spin too that can award up to 5 Free Games on each spin and Multipliers up to x25 on every win.

There is a Free Games reel on the left-hand side of the screen that spins to award a number of immediate Free Games. This number is determined by the number that lands on the Free Games reel.

The Multiplier reel is on the right-hand side of the screen and also spins to award a number of multipliers that will be added to your win for that spin.


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This high volatility slot does have a Bonus too, but it’s not the Bonus Games we’re used to. Surprise, surprise, Pennywise dances to his own deathly tune – so why would this slot be any different?

Every now and again the creepy clown we all love to hate laughs her way onto the reels – full distorted face and all – to award an additional Wild symbol to the reel. Yup, this is literally the Bonus, but hey… It could be your saving grace against IT’s cruel ways.


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Do you want a balloon too?

This 96.98% RTP slot won’t have you dragged into a drain only to be eaten by a cannibalistic clown, it will have you spinning through your fears, turning nightmares into daydreams of plentiful wins.

The new IT’s a Joker slot is no joke, it’s Felix Gaming’s first foray into the horror genre, complete with haunting music and eerie gameplay – perfect for all thrilling adventure seekers.

Do you dare to accept Pennywise’s balloon and see where your fate leads you? Muster up the courage and float your little Georgie boat at BitStarz.