Enter a World of Wealth Through The Big Game Hold ‘N’ Link Slot

If wealth is your mission, green and gold should be your absolute favorite colors. With Christmas not too far away, why not decorate your tree with dollar bills and gold this year in a way of manifesting your bright future!

But until Santa slides down the chimney, let the magical color combo take you for a spin in the latest money-maker from NetGame, The Big Game Hold ‘n’ Link slot.

Rarely do we see a game as money-oriented as this one and we love it! Let it pull you in and fill your pocket all at once as the Hold ‘N’ Link bonus round and jackpots are your only focus. The €120,000 max win doesn’t even scratch the surface of the potential hiding in this thrilling slot.

With layer after layer of big money wins, it’s time to peel this baby and get a taste of the goodies!

It’s All About the Benjamins

There’s not an ounce of confusion about the theme of this 5 reel, 10 paylines game. Not only does Benjamin Franklin have his face on the $100 bill, he would be proud of the lineup you’re about to see as you enter a business man’s wet dream.

Stacks of money, money clips, money bags, a duffel bag full of cash. You can surely see where we are going with this. With a puffed up ego, it is of course the banker himself who is the highest valued symbol, while also moonlighting as the wild.


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As mentioned, the €120,000 max win doesn’t do the game justice but with a few big wins you’ll be surpassing that number in no time. It is a medium volatility game with a decent RTP and a €40 bet limit.

Bring On the Bonus Game

Normally it’s the bonus game that opens the doors to the big bucks and the same goes here. In order to get there, you need to land at least 6 of the bonus spheres. This will lift the velvet rope and give you access to the Hold ‘N’ Link bonus game.

You will start off with 3 re-spins where the spheres that got you there are stuck in place. As soon as you can stick another symbol on there, the count will reset. In other words, a timely sphere can not only keep things going, it also means more money in your pockets!

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When you run out of spins or manage to fill all 15 spots, your run will come to an end and all the values will be added up into a big, fat payout. Cha-ching!

Use the Super Spheres

Along the way, you should be aware of the super spheres that can take your winnings to the next level. They are as follows:

  • Cash: Contains a cash value, ready to be added to your win
  • Collect: All of the values on the screen will be collected into this sphere
  • Payer: The Payer sphere will add its value to all other ones
  • Last Chance: This little nugget may grant you another spin once you’ve run out

How to Win a Jackpot

With a bit of luck you will come across jackpot spheres while you’re in the bonus game. They can appear and be added to your total, just like the others. There are 3 different jackpots: Mini (20x your bet), Minor (100x your bet) and the Grand (1,000x your bet).

The only way you can get your hands on the Grand Jackpot is by filling all 15 spots on the reels so remember, it’s not over until the fat lady sings!

Money, Money, Money

Manifesting big wins ought to be a lot easier in a surrounding like this. It’s easy to get blinded by the wealth on the screen but keep spinning and keep winning and with a bit of luck it will all be yours! The Big Game Hold ‘n’ Link slot is honestly a lot of fun, as long as you make it to the bonus round.

Work your magic and one day you may be the new face of the $100 bill. Mission accomplished!