The Levels of Wacky in Dam Beavers Slot

A beaver dam is basically like a moat around a medieval castle. Beavers build these dams to protect themselves against predators. In the center of a beaver dam is a beaver lodge where the beavers actually live. A beaver lodge is only accessible via an underwater entrance. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a castle maker’s wet dream.

Visit the quirky critters of Dam Beavers slot from ELK Studios and see how impressive the inside of this fortress really is.

One level at a time

Dam Beavers slot gameplay revolves around cascading reels, which removes symbols involved in winning combinations, allowing new symbols to fall into the empty spots. The slot does, however, take the concept further. Firstly, instead of just removing symbols, the slot has beavers collect the symbols. And they’re not collecting any symbols. Each of the four beavers has a specific color, and they’re only allowed to collect symbols that correspond to their assigned color.

There are two different types of bonuses. The first appears on symbols that can be collected by the beavers. The second is slowly revealed by floorboards disappearing wherever the beavers move to collect symbols. When a bonus feature is completely revealed, it is activated. However, the feature must be revealed on a single spin because the floor is reset after each spin.

The tiles beneath the symbols can reveal three different bonus features. The first is a cash prize. Then there’s a tunnel that allows the beaver that uncovers it to appear in another section of the slot that has other symbols that it can collect. The final bonus feature is the crack symbol that, once fully revealed, allows the action to move to the next level.


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Dam Beavers has four different levels that players can descend into on each spin. Each level has its own theme, and as you descend, the slot’s grid gets larger. It begins as a 5×5 grid and increases to a 6×6, 7×7, and finally, an 8×8 grid as you descend. The rewards also get more impressive the further you descend. The final level is the Max Win level. If you manage to reveal all 8×8 floorboards, you are automatically awarded the maximum payout based on your bet amount.

The symbol bonus features that can be collected by the beavers:

  • A wild symbol that acts as any color symbol depending on the beaver that collects it.
  • A firework symbol that sets off fireworks that upgrades that specific beaver’s symbols.
  • A TNT symbol that blows away a number of adjacent floorboards.
  • A blender symbol that automatically maxes out the Feature Meter.

The Feature Meter is slowly filled with each symbol collected by a beaver. Once the meter is filled, one of three bonus features will be triggered. The Refresh feature will replace all current symbols on the grid. The Symbol Swap will swap the places of two random symbol types. Finally, the Wild Scatter replaces a random number of paying symbols with wilds.

Finally, a round of the slot’s bonus game is triggered when three or more pies are collected on the same spin. Once triggered, you’ll receive five free spins. The bonus game doesn’t have any special features to speak of.

Is Dam Beaver slot a lot too ambitious?

Dam Beaver slot offers medium to high volatility. This means that the gameplay will offer some small, consistent wins while you chase the rare big wins. With a 10,000x maximum multiplier, you’ll be able to play for up to $200,000 when betting at the $20 a spin maximum. The slot has an RTP of 94%.

Both slot game reviewers and those who like to play slot games all love exciting bonus features. Things can, however, go too far. Dam Beaver slot, I think, crosses that line. The multi-level design is exciting. And I like the combination of floorboard reveal bonus features and the symbol bonus features. However, the addition of the Feature Meter and the round of free spins just makes the whole thing overly complex. It just wasn’t necessary. It’s a shame because this slot had a lot of potential. The graphics and theme are fun, and the bonus features are engaging. I do think the graphical representation of the cracks that act as a door to the next level is a little underbaked. There was surely a more graphically pleasing way to represent that. All in all, it is a good slot, but it could have been a great slot. I give this one an 8 out of 10.

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