It’s the Survival of the Fittest in Squidpot Slot

Has your life hit an all-time low? Well, don’t worry – somewhere along your bummed-out journey, a 3-piece will entice you to play a children’s game of flipping cards for pocket money. It’s all fun and games… You’re a kid again! YAY.

But just when you thought playing Red Light, Green Light, would get your debts paid off, BOOM… Your teammates get executed, assassin style, for a wriggling wrist. No disclaimer, no nothing.

The fun has stopped, but not the money pot. The piggy bank in Squidpot slot holds a risky €250,000. Do you have what it takes to release the honeycomb umbrella for the sake of your life and your organs? We sure hope so.

Be like Gi-hung and outwit the gun

Dude, Squid Games shocked and stunned the world over. Like, did you expect that level of violence and deception? Hell no, neither did we… But daaayum was it a gripping show!

When life throws you lemons, you put on green sweats, eat a single cob of corn, and gamble your actual life in a series of child’s play. DUH, this is totally normal – everyone does it *eye roll*. Here’s your chance to play a little game of ‘survival of the fittest’ thanks to BGaming.

Familiar to us all, on the reels is Younghee, the sadistic robot doll, the three animal masks worn by the creepy VIPs, and the four different honeycomb shapes. Upping the aggressive ante are the Front Man Wild and the Worker Mask Scatters. Unfamiliar to us are the Lego-like contestants, but anywho, with these symbols, there’s no mistaking that we are in the game of hell here.


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The Free Spins will help you from falling to your death

The Free Spins game in Squidpot slot is a far cry from the glass jumping game the poor contestants had to face. This one won’t kill you, we promise.

Instead of you being the one landing on tempered glass, it’s the Worker Mask Scatters that need to land successfully – on the reels, that is. This will award 5 free spins with Blazing Reels and Giant Scatter in the center.

This feature is a relief for sure, it’ll take you from deadly kiddies playgrounds to delightful wins and a break from the angst.


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Fight for your life and the Squid Jackpot

We know all too well how important rolling marbles were, now use those skills to roll out the Coin Game where the Squid Jackpot awaits.

To enter the brilliant Bonus Game, you’ll need 6 Contestant Symbols to roll on the reels. After achieving this, you’ll play an all-coin game where coins spin to award you with instant wins. The aim of the game is to try and fill your entire screen with coins to win the Mega Jackpot.

But don’t worry if that doesn’t happen, you could also hit the Mini and Major Jackpot by having those specific coins landing on your screen during the bonus round.

This feature is HUGE, and it can have the piggy bank falling from the ceiling, showering you with wins.


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Down on your luck? Play Squidpot slot!

Contestant, are you ready to leave your name behind and go by a mere number for more wins than you can imagine? Then Squidpot slot is the game to risk it in.

With a 96% RTP, and a medium to high volatility, anything can happen. You either survive and thrive, or die and, well, be dead.

Your skills will do the talking. Maybe you’ll be the next big Squid winner?