Get Them Dollar Bills in Benji Killed in Vegas Slot

If you think about it, it is a little weird that the United States uses dead presidents as the iconography of its currency. And don’t even get me started on the Illuminati iconography on the one-dollar bill – how is that still a thing?

One thing US currency does better than any other, though, is serving as inspiration for an incredible number of nicknames and slang, and Benjamins, which is slang for a $100 bill, may just be the finest. It is, as a result, no surprise that it is used in so many pop culture references, and we can add one more to that list with Nolimit City’s Benji Killed in Vegas slot.

A visit from the ghosts of Merica past

When a stacked US President high-paying symbol lands fully visible on any of the first three reels, it will trigger the Dead Presidents Nudge feature. Once triggered any of the same symbols that are partially visible on the reels will be nudged into a fully visible orientation. With each position a symbol is nudged, a 1x multiplier will be added to the symbol. Each individual multiplier will then be added together and finally applied to the winning amount. Wilds that land anywhere on the reels will be nudged into full view with a 1x multiplier added for each position a wild symbol is nudged.


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During 2-Dice Respins, Vegas$ Spins, and B.I.G Vegas$ Spins, you will have the chance to grab Enhancers.

  • Overlay Multiplier – With each spin, the Overlay Multipliers will randomly move to a new position anywhere on the reels apart from the same position as another Overlay Multiplier. If an Overlay Multiplier lands on top of a winning combination, the value of the multipliers will be added together and then the multiplier will be applied to the winning combination.
  • xMultipliers – These symbols will appear above the reels with values of between two and nine. If an xMultiplier appears above a reel containing an Overlay Multiplier, the value will be added to that of the Overlay Multiplier.
  • xSplit – If one of these symbols appears above the reels, all low-paying symbols in the reel it lands above will be split in two increasing the possible ways to win. xSplit symbols will also double Overlay Multiplier values.

Three scatter symbols will trigger a round of the slot’s Vegas$ free spins feature. However, if you miss it by one and only get two respins, the 2-Dice Respin will be triggered, and both scatter symbols will be transformed into a 2x and 3x Overlay Multiplier.

During a round of the slot’s Vegas$ Spins, enhancers will be activated, and Overlay Multipliers will appear before every spin. This gives you a shot at some impressive multipliers.


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B.I.G Vegas$ Spins are triggered with four or five scatter symbols. You can also upgrade a round of Vegas$ Spins with the appearance of scatter symbols during a round of the slot’s base free spins round. During B.I.G Vegas$ Spins, you will receive up to 13 free spins and Overlay Multiplier amounts will get a boost. Additionally, multiplier values will not reset during B.I.G Vegas$ Spins.

If you’re ready to hustle hard, you can select to risk it all by buying a round of one of the slot’s free spins bonus rounds.

Benji Killed in Vegas slot hot or not?

Benji Killed in Vegas slot is surprisingly uncontroversial for Nolimit City especially considering its last few releases. This one goes back to its roots of mostly family-friendly fun. I’m not saying that kind of slot is automatically better, but it was a nice change from the hardcore slots the provider has released over the last year or two. Plus, the huge array of bonus features and potential for big wins that are intrinsic to any Nolimit City slot are still there.

As I said, there is a certain formula for Nolimit City slots. They always have high or very high volatility, it’s the former in this instance, a big max multiplier and a large max win. This holds true with Benji Killed in Vegas slot. It has a 10,000x max multiplier and a €400,000 max win giving you a shot at some impressive wins, no matter what amount you’re betting at. The slot has a 96.04% RTP rating.

If you’re looking for a few other dope Nolimit City slots, I recommend giving Tombstone R.I.P and Mental a few spins.