Storm to Mega Wins in Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades Slot!

Hades was pretty much the ancient Greek version of Samael. Condemned to rule over the dead and be the king of the underworld, Hades was tasked with a pretty terrible job when compared to his brothers. But, with Persephone by his side, Hades did a damn good job and racked up some tasty coin.

Now it’s your turn to head to the underworld and join Hades for an action-packed afternoon. Spin the reels with Hades in Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades slot for your chance to rule the underworld and take home some pretty tasty wins – you’ll love it!

Thunderous Wins Are A Spin Away

Hades is no stranger to the high life, being the son of two legendary Greek Gods. So, why not indulge yourself in a slice of the high-life and win a great deal of cash in the process. Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades comes packing 5 reels, 3 jackpots and some of the coolest art we’ve seen in a while. Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades is a little more silver city than underworld, but we’d definitely rather not be thrown into the underworld if we don’t have to!

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When it comes to winning big, Hades is one of the most generous folks around. Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades comes packing a high volatility with an RTP of 96.25%, which is pretty decent given the sheer number of wilds and the 3 jackpots. For your troubles in helping Hades rule the underworld, you’re looking at a max win worth €300,000 – wow!

Free Spins with the Gods? Yes Please!

If you’ve ever had a dream about winning a monster pile of cash on a slot, then chances are it was in Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades. Free spins is pretty simple to trigger in Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades, with the requirement being 3 devilish scatters. You can trigger more free spins by landing 3 more scatters in free spins mode, so do try to pick up as many as you can if you want to go all the way!

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Free spins mode transports you to what is more likely to have been Hades’ home, deep in the bowels of the Earth. Surrounded by lava and lavish ancient Greek architecture, free spins mode is rather fiery. There are even more wilds down in free spins mode, helping you make it to the biggest wins that are on offer in Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades!

Are You a God?

Ok, you might not be a god and we might not be gods either, but Titan Thunder Wrath of Hades really gives you the feeling that you can be whatever you want to be. The graphics are incredible, the soundtrack is inspiring and the big wins are truly out of this world.

You’re going to love every second of playing this blockbuster slot from Quickspin!