Put the T-Rex in His Place as You Dominate Jurassic Kingdom Slot

Living among Jurassic giants may sound like a fun reality but we are very happy that it’s never going to happen. Being at the top of the food chain is a much better position for humans than to live in constant fear.

Imagine heading to the local bar for a couple of cold ones with your friends and all of a sudden you come face to face with a starving T-Rex. No thank you! That wouldn’t even feel safe in Texas where new laws allow you to carry a gun without permit.

Spinning the reels of the Jurassic Kingdom slot is as close as we’ll go but trust us, it’s a fantastic alternative.

Show no fear and wilds, multipliers and high scoring free spins will help you have the hungry dinosaurs run the other direction. Let’s roll!

Time to Erupt

As if the surroundings weren’t dangerous enough, there’s an erupting volcano in the background turning up the notch even more. Dinosaurs of all types and sizes are fighting for positions on the 6×6 reels and up to 46,656 paylines.

It should come as no surprise that it’s the T-Rex that brings the most heat as the most lucrative symbol.


Play Now

A €133,680 max win is like a T-Rex only flossing between two teeth. It’s great but there’s a lot more left to get. You’ll be glad to know that the RTP is as high as 96.72% and with medium volatility, €20 bet limit and 6,684x in the mix, you can do some real damage here.

Bring On the Cascading Reels

Cascading reels is a popular feature in slots and considering it can get you even bigger wins, we don’t hear players complaining. Each symbol involved in a winning combo will instantly be removed and new ones will be dropped in their place.

This will give you a shot at improving your win even more through a respin. As long as you keep winning, the respins will continue and you can keep building on your winnings.

More Bang for the Buck

Where there are dinosaurs there are dinosaur eggs and you can find them beneath the reels. These are actually multipliers and with each consecutive win, it will get a +1 boost until you land a winless spin.

You can get as much as a 5x multiplier in the base game before a loss will bring it back down to 1x, so keep it going for as long as possible.

Chase the Gold and Silver

There are a few symbols that will show a silver frame. Should these be involved in a win, they will transform into a random symbol. For the respin, the symbol will get a golden frame with the ability to get you a wild if it’s part of a win.

This is a feature you will be able to take advantage of during free spins as well.

How to Get Free Spin

It takes 4 volcano scatters to kick off 8 free spins. If you want extra, just land more scatters and get 2 free spins for each additional scatter.

Play Now

The biggest thing with these particular free spins is a growing multiplier. You will begin with the basic 1x but with each spin, win or lose, the multiplier will grow with +1. Nicely done, PGSoft!

You will also be able to spot +1 symbols that will give you an extra spin, straight up. In other words, if you keep scoring a timely +1 symbol, you might as well call in sick tomorrow because you can spin all night long.

Roaring Dinos and Roaring Wins

For once, there’s no actual bloodspill around the T-Rex and the Jurassic Kingdom slot feels quite harmonial after all. It could be all the winning playing tricks on us but we have a good feeling about this game.

Roaring dinos and roaring wins await so get out there and get the job done. One last thing, show no fear!